Isabella has been friends with 5sos but she starts to fall for Luke and ....... Read to find out xx ~ isabella (ik my name lol)


16. the surprise pt 1

Isabella's pov

"Hi Luke" I said waving to the screen

"Hey babe" he said back

"I MIss you so much" he said

" I miss you too" I said tears forming in my eyes " please don't cry" he said

"Okay" I said sniffling

"2 more months" he said

"I know this boy moved across the street" I said

"What's his name" he said

"Caspar lee" I said

"We know him he's a youtuber" he said

"Oh" u said

2 hours later

Luke's pov I turned off my laptop

"Guys I have a surprise for Bella" is said

"Which is" Ashton said coming in to the room well we are going back to Australia we can surprise her next week" I said

"That's great" Mikey said

"Yea it is" Ashton and cal said

We went to bed we have a big day tomorrow

a/n this really sucked but it will get better (I had writers block)

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