Isabella has been friends with 5sos but she starts to fall for Luke and ....... Read to find out xx ~ isabella (ik my name lol)


18. surprise pt 2 (the end of book 1)

Luke's pov

I got to mine and bellas house and I walked into the living room Bella was on her phone she turned around and sawed me

"Luke!!" She yelled she ran over to me and hugged me

I kissed her cheek and she blushed

"Miss you so fucking much" I said

"I missed you too" she said

I started to kiss her deeply she kissed me back I pushed he against a wall and she wrapped her legs around my waste. I kissed her neck and she kissed mine. And You know what happend

Michaels pov

I sat there at my house Luke and Bella are probably have sex right now ugh Luke always gets all the fucking girls I'm done.... I need to tell her how I feel.

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