Isabella has been friends with 5sos but she starts to fall for Luke and ....... Read to find out xx ~ isabella (ik my name lol)


5. don't

Luke's pov

Michael looked at me then Bella

"We'll this is awkward" Calum said

Isabella pov

Mckenna walked in

"You guys have new neighbors" Ashton yelled an ran out the door I'm guessing to greet then Mckenna followed him

I looked back at Michael with worry in my eyes

"Um what's going on" Luke said "I heard yelling" he said

"Nothing just telling Calum something" Michael replied then Michael walked out the house not saying anything else

Mckennas pov

Me and ash walk over to the house I sawed a boy with green house and Caramell hair he was kinda cute. NO don't think that you have a boyfriend 1 year together I smiled at ash then Michael came

"Hey we noticed you moved next to us we want to welcome you I'm Ashton this is Mckenna and Michael" Ashton said

"Oh hey I'm Kevin" he said looking right at me I couldn't help but smile a little Ashton looked at me the him I could tell I liked him then he walked away angry shit that's bad!

Michael raced after him I was left alone with Kevin

"Hey..." I said

"Um hey Mckenna" he said

Isabella's pov

I sat down on the couch next to Calum and Luke.

Luke kept at looking at me and smiling I wanted to laugh but I kept quiet

Then Ashton burst though the door crying

"The hell happened" I said

"Mckenna likes ..... .... B..oy" he said

"The boy that moved across the street" I said he just nodded

"I love her a lot" he said

Calum's pov

Michael likes isabella shit this is bad Luke and Michael likes her

A/N what's going to happen is kevin bad news or is Ashton going to get her back or are they just going to stay together

Like fav comment ideas too bye penguins~ isabella

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