Isabella has been friends with 5sos but she starts to fall for Luke and ....... Read to find out xx ~ isabella (ik my name lol)


4. can't find out

1 week later

Ashton pov

I went to my girlfriends house Mckenna

I knocked on her door she opens

"Hey ash" she said sweetly she gave me a kiss on the cheek

"Hey Mckenna" I said walking into her house and sitting down in her couch

"Sooo what to what to do" I said McKenna laughed

"What" I said to her

"Nothing" she said to me

Isabella's pov

I woke up to screaming I walked down stairs and sawed Luke and Michael playing video games Luke sawed me and smiled I couldn't help but smile back at him

"What are you smiling at" Michael said turning around

"Oh" he said kinda sad what up with him never mind that

I walked in the living room sitting down on the couch

"What are we going to do" i said

They both ignored me go I turn off the x box

"Heyyyy" the both said I laughed "I said what are we going to do today" Michael looked at me and Luke and signed "I don't know" he said getting up like what the hell Mikey

Cal then came in

Michaelmas pov

I can't take it I think they are dating or something happened because they can't stop looking at each other Calum walked over to me

"What's up with you" he said

"Nothing" I said


"Mikey....." He said

"Fine!!! I will tell you" I about yelled

Lukes pov

I heard yelling I walked in to the kitchen where Mikey and cal were Michael was looking T me then Calum what the hell happened!!


Ooo another Cliffordhanger lol what will happen don't know if u can update Friday I'll try :) bye penguins (new name for you guys) lol ~ isabella

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