Those Little Things

Just a really short phanfic for you guys! Dan and Phil are married and have adopted a three year old called Hunter. This is just a really cute lil thing about their family life :)


1. Dad And Daddy

Phil Lester rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he got out of bed and walked slowly into the living room. His partner, Dan Howell, was sitting on the sofa in his black track suit bottoms and a baggy t shirt watching TV. Their four year old son Hunter was sitting on his knee as Dan bounced him up and down, wearing his Pokemon pyjamas and driving a toy racing car up and down dan's leg. Hunter looked up when Phil entered the room. "Morning Daddy!" He said driving the racing car further and further up and down Dan's legs. Dan glanced over and smiled a good morning at Phil. "Vroooooooommm! Broom Broom!" Hunter drove the racing car all the way up to Dan's chest and as soon as it touched his neck, Dan flinched away. Hunter laughed hysterically with Phil, who both knew that Dan hated it when people touched his neck. Dan crossed his arms, pretending to be cross. "You're so naughty, Hunter! You're so mean to me!" Hunter chuckled. Dan reached out and pulled Hunter towards him, tickling him furiously. Hunter writhed around in fits of laughter. "Stop, Dad! Stop it, stop it!" Dan laughed and let go of his son. "Come here, you silly." Dan said fondly, and he pulled Hunter in for a hug. The small boy rested his head on Dan's chest as he stroked his hair. Phil Lester could not help but smile lovingly at such a beautiful sight.

"Come here please, sweetheart." Phil said impatiently for the third time. He was trying to dress his son, but Hunter was running around the room wearing only his underwear and making aeroplane noises. "Hunter come here." Phil repeated. "No, daddy. I don't like that t shirt. It's shit." Phil gasped. Hunter stood in the middle of the room, rocking backwards and forwards on his heels. There was silence for about six seconds, and then Dan burst out laughing in the other room. "Dan! It's not funny!" Phil scolded, as Dan walked into the room with a hand over his mouth. "Sorry." He said, still trying to hold back laughter. He scooped up Hunter an sat down on the bed with him. Phil came and sat next to them. "Hunter, you're not allowed to naughty words like that, ok?" Phil said softly. "Why not? Dad says them, don't you, Dad?" Dan shrugged uncomfortably. "Just because I say them doesn't mean they aren't naughty, Hunter. You must never say that word again, because words like that can get you into trouble." Hunter nodded and slid off Dan's lap. Phil finally pulled the t shirt down over Hunter's head.

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