The Demons // 5SOS

They were all demons, trapped in human bodies.


10. Chapter Ten.

“Where is she?” Jonathan’s voice shouted angrily.

“Why does it matter to you?” Ashton asked.

“Because she is my sister! Now move before I hurt you.”

I opened my eyes slightly to see Ashton standing at the door trying to prevent Jonathan from coming in.

“You have never cared for her, she been coming to me for months. Complaining about you, wanting to run away, but she’s always been too scared. Just leave her alone Jonathan.” Ashton shouted.

What was going on?

Suddenly everything went into slow motion as Jonathan shoved Ashton away from the door and started punching him. I felt myself get off the bed and run over to the both of them.

“Stop it Jonathan.” I yelled.

He listened and stopped punching Ashton. I looked down at Ashton and he was staring daggers  into Jonathan’s back as it was hurting him. When I looked back at Jonathan I stared at him before he slapped my face and grabbed me, dragging me away from Ashton.

“Get off me!” I shouted tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Georgia!” Ashton yelled.

I tried to scream but I was mute. Jonathan kept on pulling me as Ashton was still stuck in slow motion trying to catch up.


“Georgia! Georgia wake up.” Ashton said frantically shaking me.

My eyes shot open as I quickly sat up panting.

“Are you alright? What happened?”

“Uh nothing.” I said nodding.

I placed a hand on my cheek and the familiar stinging sensation occurred. I pulled my hand away and looked at Ashton.

“Am I going crazy?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Am I going crazy? Like everything that has happened to me recently makes me seem like I have something wrong. I now have these things and I now always feel haunted.” I said.

Ashton gulped. “You aren’t crazy Georgia. But what do you mean by you feel haunted?”

“I, I don’t know. I feel like ever since I met  Michael and you guys crazy and abnormal stuff has been happening to me, I’m not saying it’s you guys but I don’t know it’s like I now have these demons following me where ever I go telling me what do to and it’s stupid.”

“Yeah it is stupid.” Ashton snapped.

I looked over at him, why the sudden mood change?

“I jus-“

“Demons aren’t real, if you think that you are pretty stupid. Maybe you are going crazy but it’s none of our fault.” Ashton interrupted getting up and exiting the room.

I sat there shocked and confused. After a couple more minutes of thinking I finally got off the bed and walked out of Ashton’s bedroom.

“You and Ashton eh.” Luke asked raising an eyebrow as he took a spoonful of cereal and shoved it in his mouth.

My head snapped up towards Luke and I shook my head.

“There is nothing and will be nothing between me and Ashton.” I said.

“Well why did you spend the night in Ashton’s room?”


“Because why?”

“Do you have to know everything?” I asked making my way into the kitchen.

“In a matter of face I do.”

I rolled my eyes and made myself some toast.

“We only have vegemite.” Luke said.

“That stuff in a glass jar with a yellow lid?”

He nodded and I groaned.

“That stuff smells gross.”

“Have you tried it?” He smirked.

I shook my head and he walked into the kitchen, brining his food with him.

“Try some.” He said grabbing the jar from the cupboard.

“No Luke! That stuff smells really bad.”

“So? It’s nice.”

“It doesn’t look like it.”

“Just try some.” He said.

I looked at the jar and then back at him.

“Fine.” I groaned.

He smirked and grabbed a spoon out of the drawer and pulled out a spoonful of vegemite.

“That’s way too much.” I defended.

“Well if you don’t eat it all, I will.” He smiled.

He held the spoon up to my mouth and I groaned. “I’m going to hate this.”

He laughed as I took the spoon from him and took some vegemite off the spoon quickly handing back to him.

“That’s really bad!” I said taking a quick drink of water.

“It’s not see.” Luke said eating the rest of the vegemite that was on the spoon. I gagged and he laughed.

“Luke, come upstairs for a moment yeah?” Ashton said, his eyes glowing with anger.

Luke looked at me before walking towards the stairs and following Ashton.

I shook my head and groaned. He always seems to ruin my mood. When my toast finished cooking I chucked it in the bin and headed upstairs to get ready for school.

“Guys I don’t think she’s having nightmares.” I overheard Ashton say.

“What do you mean? What else is she having?” Michael asked.

Their conversation caught my attention, I walked over to the room they were in and I stood outside the door.

“She’s having some flashback.” Ashton said.

“Flashbacks? How do you know that when you haven’t known Georgia until now.” Calum said, voice rasing a little.

“But I’ve known her longer. You see… Wait.” Ashton said.

I quickly and quietly ran to the bathroom and shut the door behind me.

“Let’s do this later.” I heard Ashton say.

I groaned and put my head against the door. How has Ashton known me longer? I don’t remember him at all…



Filler lol… Sorry for taking forever to update, I do have other things to do and it’s summer so I’ve been hanging with friends and having AHS marathons but please keep in mind that my wifi is horrible and I’ve been at my dads for a few weeks now and the wifi sucks! Friday I will be at my mums and the wifi is better there. I apologise for my bad updating habit :/ I just hope you can bear with me J xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

-LemmoHemmo xx

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