The Demons // 5SOS

They were all demons, trapped in human bodies.


6. Chapter Six.

I woke up the next morning feeling terrible. My eyes were heavy and my head was pounding.

“Morning.” Calum said.

I jumped a bit and sat up to see Calum standing by the door.

“Uh, morning.”

“Are you okay?” He asked.

I shook my head. “Do you have some asprin?”

He nodded and quickly exited the room. I groaned and laid back down. After a few minutes of staring at the ceiling, Calum reentered the room with a glass of water and asprin.

“Thank you.” I said.

He smiled. “Anytime. Uh what’s wrong?”


He nodded before excusing himself and exiting the room. After taking the pills I pushed the covers off me and walked to the bathroom. When I touched the handle I froze for a couple seconds before moving back.

“Nothing is going to hurt you. Unless you let it.” Ashton said smirking before walking over to me and opening the door. “Is there anything in there?” He asked.

I looked inside and shook my head. “Then go in.”

I listened to him and walked inside, we both agreed to leaving the door open so he walked off leaving me in the room alone. All the images started to pop into my mind but I pushed them aside and tried to do everything I needed to do in the bathroom. When I finally finished I looked into the mirror and started to examine how I looked. I had bags under my eyes and my hair was still a mess even though I just brushed it.

“Have you finished yet?” Ashton snapped.

I jumped before turning towards the door. “Does it look like it?”

“Well, nothing that you do will get rid of those bags under your eyes. So I’m guessing you have.” He smirked.

“Jerk.” I huffed, gathering my things.

He laughed at me. “I’ve been called worse, try again next time.”

When I had everything I walked over to the door and shoved my way past Ashton. He laughed while I made my way back to my room. I placed my belongings on the bed and as I went to shut the door it slammed shut. I stared at the door for a minute before running over to it and opening the door.

I sighed of relief because I thought it was going to be locked. When I was all dressed I walked downstairs to be greeted by the 5 boys gathered around the kitchen table scoffing down breakfast.

“Sorry I ate your serving Georgia.” Luke said.

I let out a laugh and smiled. “It’s fine. I’ll just get some food on the way to school.”

My eyes wandered over my my school bag that sat on the ground, I grabbed it and pulled my phone out of my pocket to text Zoe.

Me: Hey Zo coffee b4 sch?

Zoee Babe <3: yes!! Meet in 5 xx

I smiled and placed my phone back into my pocket before walking towards the door.

“Are you sure you want to go to school?” Michael asked.

I turned around and nodded. “I know I look horrible, but I will just go to bed early.”

“You should just skip with us today.” Luke said.


“Yeah, skip school. Haven’t you heard of it?” Ashton said harshly.

“Cut it out.” Calum snapped at Ashton.

Ashton ignored him before looking towards the wall.

“I have heard of it…” I defended myself.

“Then join us.” Calum said.

I didn’t know what to say. I noticed something move besides Calum and when I saw what it was I was too late to say anything. Calum’s orange juice tipped over letting the orange liquid fall onto Calum’s white shirt.

“Fuck you Ashton.” Calum spat jumping away from the table.

“Oops.” Ashton laughed.

Calum walked over to Ashton and punched him right on the face. I gasped in shock as I watched Ashton wince in pain. In a matter of a few seconds Ashton and Calum were in a full fight.

Luke and Michael looked at each other like they didn’t know what to do.

“Guys stop it.” I shouted putting my bag on the ground and walking over to the two boys throwing punches.

Just before Ashton was about to hit Calum again I stood in front of him.

“Move Georgia.” Ashton spat.

I was beyond scared. Knowing Ashton he would probably hit me if he got the chance.

“I said move.”

I stayed in my spot. When I looked up at Ashton his eyes were black. My heart started to race. I quickly looked at Luke and Michael and they realised that I could see.

“Ashton stop.” Michael said.

Suddenly I felt my arm lift up and before I could stop myself I slapped Ashton on his already bruised cheek. Ashton grabbed my arm and pulled me closer before his eyes turned back to normal and his whole body relaxed. He looked at me with sympathetic eyes before letting my arm go.

I took a couple deep breaths before backing away slowly then running for my bag.

“Georgia!” Michael yelled.

I ran outside before being stopped by Michael running around the corner.

“What. How?” I started.

“Back door.” He shrugged.

I nodded slowly, not really believing him right now.

“What happened in there, I know seemed uh unusual…”

“You could say that.”

“Uh, you see with Ashton’s uh eyes he has these contacts in. He likes scaring people with them. That’s all it was.”

That thought really never crossed my mind. Ashton does seem like one to scare people.

“None of you guys have those either?”

“What’s that susposed to mean?” Michael snapped.

“Like you and the other boys don’t have the contacts either?”

“Oh, yeah… No we don’t.”

I nodded.

“I’ll see you after school yeah?”

Michael nodded before jogging back to the house. My phone started to ring and I pulled it out of my pocket to see Zoe calling me.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Where are you? School’s about to start.” Zoe asked frantically.

“I’m so sorry!” I said, starting to walk. “Things just got a bit heated at Michael’s.”

“Michael? As in the new green head?”

“That’s him.”

“Is there something your not telling me…” She said a bit excitedly.

“Oh my god. No! I’ll just explain when I get to the coffee shop.”

“Okay, well hurry up!” She said before hanging up.

I rolled my eyes and placed my phone back into my pocket before Ashton and his black eyes popped into my mind. There’s something un normal about him… About all of them… I just need to find out what.



Yaaaaay! New update I am actually pretty happy with this book and quite surprised that I came up with the idea :D but yeah! Uh so I hope that you liked this update and if you are kind of confused about this book hopefully everything will make sense later on in the book J :* okay well I hope you enjoyed xoxoxoxoxoxox

-LemmoHemmo xx

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