The Demons // 5SOS

They were all demons, trapped in human bodies.


7. Chapter Seven.

"So let me get this right, you have to stay with the 4 new boys at their house for a stupid art project?" Zoe asked running beside me as we exited the school.

"Yes. Please don't make me explain everything again. You have already made me repeat it like 10 times already." I groaned.

"Thats because I'm curious. You need to keep in the loop."

"Yeah, well thats all that has happened and I have like 6 or 5 more days with them."

Zoe nodded before speaking again. "Has Ashton said anything to you?"

"About what?"

She tensed before stopping. "Uh nothing. Sorry."

I gave her a weird look before blowing it off. "Okay, well then coffee or no coffee? Since we didn't end up getting this morning."

"No coffee. I just remembered that my mom wants me to be home right after school. She needs me to take her shopping." Zoe said quickly.

"Oh, okay then. Well I guess I will see you later then."

She gave me a hug before scurrying off to her car. I watched her leave before taking a deep breath and walking to Michael's house. When I finally arrived I entered the house and walked right in sighing of relief. The house seemed awfully quiet.

"Boys?" I shouted.

​No one answered. I shrugged and walked into the kitchen looking for food. 

"These boys need to do some shopping! Seriously." I muttered to myself while slamming the fridge door.

As I exited the kitchen I passed a room with the door wide open. I stopped and looked around before walking inside. There was all this vintage stuff decorating the room. My eyes landed on a black photo frame with two people in it. I walked over to it and picked it up, examining the picture. Ashton was standing there with a huge smile on his face, his arms were wrapped around a girl with long brunette hair (a bit longer than mine). The girl's face was covered by her hands but her smile was impossible to miss.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Ashton yelled.

I jumped, dropping the photo to the ground. I quickly picked it up for it to be snatched out of my hands by Ashton.

"I'm sorry, I just…"

"Get out." He spat. 

I did as he said and ran out of his room. As I got out of his room I crashed into Luke, almost sending the both of us to the floor. Just as I was about to say something everything went black and I felt myself being dragged. I opened my eyes to see myself being dragged and in a instant my surroundings changed and I was sitting in the backseat of a car.

"Slow down." A girl said.

I looked at her and she looked at the guy driving. When we passed a street light I caught a good glimpse of the girl and I gasped. It was me...

"Why what are you scared of?" Ashton said.

My head snapped over to the guy driving and to my surprise Ashton was driving.

"Just slow down please! You're scaring me." The girl (me) said frantically.

I watched as I freaked out while Ashton suddenly slammed the breaks as the car collided with a huge truck.

My eyes opened in an instant as I sat up. I was panting, trying to get my breath back.

"What happened?" Michael asked rushing to my side.

I looked at him and took a deep breath.

"I-i was being dragged then uh, everything changed and I was stuck in the back seat of a car. There was two people in the front seat, the girl looked like me and the boy who was driving… Uh was Ashton." I gulped.

I could see Ashton tense as he stood in his doorway. The boys all looked at me then Ashton. 

"What is up with you guys? Ever since I have met all of you, i've been seeing all this crazy shit and you guys know I have." I said sternly. 

"Nothing is up with us. Maybe you have put that into your head making us seem like the problem when you are making everything a problem for yourself." Ashton said before walking into his room and shutting the door. 



OOOOO I was going to put some action of some sort into this chapter but I thought that it would be moving the story on way to fast, so there will be a couple more chapters till things start to hopefully make sense :) or they may get more confusing before you understand but idk haha. I hope you guys like the update and i'll update when I can :) xoxoxoxoxoxoox

-LemmoHemmo xx

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