The Demons // 5SOS

They were all demons, trapped in human bodies.


5. Chapter Five.

It’s only been like 4 hours since I arrived at Michael’s and it’s been alright despite the stares Ashton has been giving me.

“What’s the time?” I asked.

3 of the boys looked at me while one of them sat on the lazyboy on the opposite side of the room listening to music.

“9.56.” Calum said with a smile.

I groaned before getting off of the couch with my glass of water in my hand.

“Where are you going?” Luke asked.

I turned around to face them and used my free hand to play with my hair. “To bed, I’m knackered.”

Michael, Calum and Luke all told me goodnight while Ashton just watched. I turned around to head up the stairs and just as I hit the first step my arm with the glass of water randomly moved making me throw the glass to the other side of the room. We all watched it shatter before I covered my mouth with my hand.

“Michael I am so so so sorry! I-I don’t know what happened... That was very stupid of me.” I said.

I noticed Calum and Luke were glaring at Ashton while he smirked at the pair of them before focusing on me.

“Don’t worry about it. You probably tripped, Ashton will clean the mess.” Michael said with a smile before turning to Ashton and smirking. I didn’t say another word, instead I looked at Ashton and gave him a fake smile before heading upstairs . When I reached the room I was staying in I grabbed my toiletry bag and walked into the bathroom. When I opened the door I was greeted with white walls but a black basin. I walked over to the basin and placed my belongings on the table and quickly brushed my hair before tying my long brunette hair into a high pony tail.

As I put toothpaste on my toothbrush the door slammed shut and the lights turned off.

“Guys.” I yelled.

No one replied.

“Michael, Luke Calum!” I shouted.


No one was listening.

“C’mon guys this isn’t funny.” I said trying to find my way to the door.

When I found the door handle I twisted it for it to open but it didn’t. Someone locked it. Suddenly there was this loud bang that made me scream. My eyes started to tear up.

“Someone help me.” I screamed, hoping one of the boys would come and help me.

I could feel someone stare at me, but I wouldn’t dare to look.

When I was sure that the person was gone I opened my eyes to see a girl similar to the one I saw in the girls bathroom at school. My heart started to race as tears continued to fall down my cheeks. I started to shake uncontrollably and scream for help. The figure came closer and closer, I pleaded for it to stop but it wouldn’t listen. Suddenly the lights turned back on and the figure disappeared. My breathing was heavy and I was shaking like crazy.

When I gathered enough strength I stood up and walked back over to the sink. I picked up my toothbrush and toothpaste and squeezed the tube of toothpaste. I wasn’t paying attention to the liquid pouring out of the tube, but when I looked down my hands were covered in blood. I dropped the tube and took a couple steps back before looking in the mirror and seeing the same girl for the second time tonight, this time she was holding a knife that was covered in blood.

I let out an ear piercing scream before the figure ran towards me.

“Georgia, Georgia!” Luke shouted.

I opened my eyes slightly to see Luke dragging me by the hands out of the bathroom. When I regained my memory my eyes opened wide and I pulled my hands out of Lukes.

“What the fuck happened?” I asked, panting.

I sat up to see all of the boys sitting there, staring at each other as if they didn’t know what to say.

“W-we think you had a panic attack.” Calum quickly said.

The other boys let out a relived sigh and gave Calum a small smile.

“Uh yeah, we realised that you were taking a while in the bathroom so I came up to check on you and then you screamed and we all came up.” Luke gulped.

“Why don’t I believe you?” I said.

There was something that they were keeping from me, I just don’t know what yet.

“What makes you think we know?” Ashton spat.

I chose to ignore him and I put my hands to my head before pulling them back down realising that there was no blood on my hands. I quickly stood up and ran to the bathroom. It was clean. No blood anywhere and my things were where they were placed before everything went downhill.

I walked out of the bathroom and took a seat on the couch. The images were running through my mind, haunting me.

“Are you alright?” Michael asked walking up to me, kneeling in front of me.

“I will be. Uh could I please have some water?”

Michael nodded and headed downstairs. I looked over to a room where the door was slightly opened revealing a pissed Ashton. I stood up quietly and silently walked towards the door.

“Ashton this is the first night she’s staying with us. She’s going to be here for the rest of the week. We have to help her, not scare her.” Calum said sternly.

“Why do we have to help her? She’s Michael’s problem.”

“She’s not like other girls Ashton, you know that.” Luke said.

“No, she is like every other girl. If not worse. She’s someone who -.”

“What are you doing?” Michael asked from behind me.

I let out a squeak before turning around and facing Michael.

“I-I uh, I don’t know.” I said stuttering.

The door slammed shut behind me making me jump.

“C’mon, lets get you to bed. That panic attack must have freaked you out.” Michael said putting a hand on my back, leading me towards the bedroom.

I glanced behind me to see the door still closed. When we got to the room I sat on the bed before looking at Michael.

“You don’t have to baby sit me.”

“I know, but you had a rough evening.” He said with a sly smile.

“Yeh, I guess.”

He came and sat next to me.

“I’m sorry about Ashton. He’s uh, very stubborn and uh I really don’t know what his problem is. He isn’t usually like this.”

I sighed. “It’s fine.”

We both sat in silence before I decided to speak up.

“What does Luke mean by I’m not like any other girl?”


“When you went downstairs, I over heard the other 3 and Luke said I was like different?”

“I have no idea on what your talking about, maybe he just thought something of you. Try not think about it too much.” Michael said fast.

Before I could say anything else he was out the door leaving me sitting alone in the room…



Why hello there,

Okay first off I would like to say thanks for 50 faves for the 4 (well now 5) chapters that I have done. I’m pretty surprised to say the least but thank you thank you thank you <3 also this chapter may be stupiD? I wanted something scary/intersting to happen so I created it lol. Well I hope you liked and I’ll update when I can :* xoxoxoxoxoxox

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