The Demons // 5SOS

They were all demons, trapped in human bodies.


11. Chapter Eleven.

"So Georgia, are you going to be having lunch with us?" Luke asked walking towards me.

I slammed my locker shut and looked over at him. "Not unless if you want to give me answers." I said.

Luke groaned and leaned against the locker next to me.

"I told you, I know as much as you do."

I shook my head. "You, Michael, Calum and Ashton are all hiding something from me. I know it. Why can't you just tell me?" I asked placing my books in my bag.

"Georgia I would if I could seriously. But we will tell you sooner or later I mean you are our friend now and you do have the right to know. Just not right now." 

"Do you promise that I'll find out sooner or later?" 

Luke nodded before walking away. A little smile grew on my face as I watched him walk away, when Luke was out of sight I noticed Ashton glaring at me from his locker. I gulped before putting my bag on my back and walking away.

"Georgia can I speak to you?" Ashton asked running beside me.


"This morning…"

"Ashton I really don't care about what happened this morning anymore alright. I woke up from a nightmare and then you were an asshole to me. That's all that happened right?" I said my voice raising a little.

"I know you overheard what I was talking to the guys about."

"So what if I did? You don't want me to hear about these apparent 'flashbacks' I've been having. Ashton I would know if these happened to me in my past right? I mean I was there. What are you trying to make me think?" I asked stopping in my place.

Ashton stayed silent and looked at the ground.

"That's what I thought." I said before walking away.

When lunch rolled around I promised Zoe I would sit with her and a couple of my 'friends' at lunch instead of sitting Luke and the others. As I entered the cafeteria the first person I spotted was Luke who was motioning me to come sit with them, I looked at the other boys and Calum and Michael were also telling me to come while Ashton played with his food. I then saw Zoe, Katrina and Brittany (my other friends) who were talking at 'our table' I shook my head at Luke and then put my head down and walked to Zoe.

"Hey George." Katrina said getting up and hugging me.

"Hey Kat." I smiled.

"It's been a while." Brittany said hugging me also.

"That it has." 

I took a glance at Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton's table and they all looked at me. Ashton was the one with the dirtiest look but I just shook it off and turned my back towards them and sat down.

"What did you do to deserve those dirty looks?" Zoe asked raising an eyebrow, laughing a little.

"Oh you don't want to know." I laughed.

"How long are you staying with them till?" Katrina asked.

"How do you-"

"Zoe has filled us in on everything." 

I sent a quick glare towards Zoe before looking at the other girls.

"Uh until Sunday, I have an art project thats due in then."

Katrina and brittany nodded and I smiled.

"How do you work with them around? Like they are really hot." Brittany asked.

I shrugged. "I manage." 

"That means she hasn't started." Zoe laughed.

I lightly smacked her as she laughed. "The reason I haven't started was because a lot of crazy shit has been happening." I said.

Katrina and Brittany gulped as Zoe sent them a glare.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh nothing." Zoe said taking a huge drink of Water.

"Well I am going to get some food, anyone want anything?" I asked.

"Water please?" Katrina asked while Brittany shook her head.

I nodded and got off my seat. As I walked to the end of the queue I started to feel a bit light-headed, things started to get blurry. I suddenly felt anxious so I ran out of the cafeteria before everything went black and my body fell against the cold floor.


Calum's P.O.V (as lunch time starts)


"I think I got Georgia to sit with us." Luke said sitting down beside me.

"Good, uh what are we going to tell her exactly?" I asked.

"Nothing, we just need to see if she's okay with us." Michael said.

"She's fine with you guys." Ashton said taking a drink from his water bottle.

"What do you mean? Have you talked to her?" I asked.

Ashton nodded as he took another sip.

"You weren't supposed to." Luke groaned.

"Well I'm sorry. I didn't know I had to take orders from youuu." Ashton slurred a little bit.

"What the fuck are you drinking?" I asked taking the bottle away from him and taking a sniff. "Vodka? Really? You aren't allowed to drink it. None of us are." 

"That's what we are told, that doesn't stop us." Ashton smirked.

Michael took the bottle out of my hand and walked to the bin and chucked the bottle in there before coming back."

"You do know I can get it back." Ashton said.

"Georgia's here." Luke said standing.

"Good, tell her to fuck off."

I punched Ashton on the shoulder and he laughed. "That didn't hurt."

"It wasn't supposed to."

Me and Michael looked towards Georgia and tried to get her to come here but she spotted her other friends and shook her head before walking over to them.

"I thought you said you got her too?" Michael groaned.

"Well she didn't say yes… but she didn't say no." Luke said sitting down.

I shook my head and groaned.

"There was no point on her sitting with us, I mean we will see her after school anyways." Ashton said.

We all nodded a bit before sending a glare over at Georgia that she laughed about. 

After a few minutes of talking I watched Georgia as she got up from the table and walked over to the queue for food. I watched as she started to panic a little before sprinting out of the cafeteria. I looked over at Michael with a confused look before I noticed Ashton with staring the way Georgia went.

"You fucking didn't." I said before getting off my seat and running to find Georgia.

As I got out of the cafeteria the first thing I saw was Georgia just laying there. I ran over to her as Michael and Luke ran beside me.

"Let's get her home." I said.

The boys nodded as I picked her up and ran as fast as I could to the car.




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