Bad Girls' Good Boy

Shimmer Rosewood is the schools bad girl. Despises good boys with a passion. She also didn't do relationships either. Most guys knew her, wanted her. Most girls knew her, wanted to be her. Jack Springfeild was a good boy, recently moved to a new school. He wanted to change, he was tired of being bullied, pushed around. So when he saw shimmer and could tell she was a bad girl he wanted to get to know her, hoping she'd help him. What happens when his numerous attempts catch her attention? Will she help or simply ignore his requests? Find out in 'Bad Girls' Good Boy'.


1. Prologue

Shimmer Rosewood walked around school know as the schools bad girl. Often guys avoided her unless they wanted to hook up, which cost them a price. She didn't do things without a price. It wasn't much but it helped. She didn't have any friends. Mostly because the girls feared her and most guys had either banged or were just as terrified as the girls. She was never early to class, often skipped. She had piercings that her peers despised. She had a few tattoos as well. The type of guy she absolutely despised was a good guy. She wouldn't be near one even if she had to. Even though most girls were terrified of her, they envied her, wanted to be her. As for guys, they wanted to her theirs. That wouldn't ever happen because she didn't do relationships. To her they were a waste of time. Too many problems came with one. Plus it was easier to be paid for something that didn't mean anything versus that.

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