Bad Girls' Good Boy

Shimmer Rosewood is the schools bad girl. Despises good boys with a passion. She also didn't do relationships either. Most guys knew her, wanted her. Most girls knew her, wanted to be her. Jack Springfeild was a good boy, recently moved to a new school. He wanted to change, he was tired of being bullied, pushed around. So when he saw shimmer and could tell she was a bad girl he wanted to get to know her, hoping she'd help him. What happens when his numerous attempts catch her attention? Will she help or simply ignore his requests? Find out in 'Bad Girls' Good Boy'.


2. New Eyes

Shimmer was walking down the hallway of her school with a smug look on her face. She felt eyes on her besides the usual stares, so she turned around to meet a pair of icy blue eyes. She saw 'good boy' written all over the guy, so she immediately turned around not wanting to waste any time. She didn't get very far before a hand on her shoulder stopped her. She turned around to meet the same pair of eyes as before. "Get lost, dude." She snapped before rudely brushing his hand of her shoulder. She didn't know what his problem was but she didn't want anything to do with him.


Throughout the day she felt the same stare on her. It was really pissing her off. Clearly the dumb guy couldn't take a hint. It wasn't the first time she would have to teach someone a lesson. After class she saw the guy across the hall from her, staring in wonder. what the hell was this guys problem? When he started to approach her that's when she decided to run for it. Unfortunately he stopped her. "Wait." He said calmly. Shimmer turned around looking at him with narrowed eyes. "I wanted to ask you something but every time I tried to, I either got nervous or you ran away." He says. "What do you want?" Shimmer asks with a glare. "I noticed you're a bad girl, all I ask is that you help me by changing me to be like you." He says. Shimmer busts out laughing causing him to look at her weirdly. "I can't and won't help you. You're too innocent. Besides there's nothing in it for me." Shimmer says with a sly smile. "Why won't you?" He asks. "I just told you, you're to innocent and there's nothing in it for me." Shimmer replies as if it's the most obvious thing. "There is something in it for you and that's why I need you to change me so I'm not innocent, maybe make me not a virgin anymore." He says. "First of all, I don't make love so I'm no help there and second of all what's in it for me." Shimmer says lowly. "I don't care if my first time is rough, I don't want to be innocent good boy anymore. Please help me." He pleads. Shimmer groans then looks around making sure no one was around. "Fine but one wrong move and you're on your own. We start the change tomorrow." Shimmer says tossing him a paper with her number written and a small note saying she would explain later.

He couldn't believe what just happened, he was finally going to change.


Hey guys, this is my new book. Hope you like it, something new for me to write. :D

Ps: Tell me what you think of Shimmer and the desperate, good boy so far. I'm open on ideas if you have any.

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