Bad Girls' Good Boy

Shimmer Rosewood is the schools bad girl. Despises good boys with a passion. She also didn't do relationships either. Most guys knew her, wanted her. Most girls knew her, wanted to be her. Jack Springfeild was a good boy, recently moved to a new school. He wanted to change, he was tired of being bullied, pushed around. So when he saw shimmer and could tell she was a bad girl he wanted to get to know her, hoping she'd help him. What happens when his numerous attempts catch her attention? Will she help or simply ignore his requests? Find out in 'Bad Girls' Good Boy'.


3. Change-The Beginning

Shimmer texts the icy blue eyed boy, who's name is Jack. She decided since tomorrow was Saturday that they would meet up and start with his change. Jack was a new project for her, if she could change him and be successful she would be pleased of herself.


Saturday morning:

Shimmer decided on a cafe not to far from the mall. Jack was late but she liked that he was late. It was a start, which was good. "Sorry I'm late, my mom ran through a bunch things so I didn't do anything stupid." Jack says. Shimmer just nodded. "First off we are going to start with hair and clothes, the hair style is lame and those clothes have got to go." Shimmer says. "What's wrong with the way I look?" Jack asks. "If you want to change, you have to change the way you look and this nerd look simply defies that." Shimmer explains. She grabbed Jack's hand and dragged him to the mall. First heading to Classic Cuts. She looked through the books and decided on a look. She told the hair stylist how his hair should be done and the hair stylist began on his hair. Jack covered his eyes not wanting to see it until the hair stylist is finished. ~

After about an hour of working with his hair the stylist finished. The stylist turned the chair around to show Shimmer. "Excellent." Shimmer says before paying and turning the chair to the mirror so Jack could see. "I love it, better than my old hair cut." Jack says getting up. Shimmer headed to a clothing store and Jack followed mindlessly. Shimmer handed Jack a leather vest, dark blue skinny jeans, a grey v-neck and a striped button up shirt. He looked at her weirdly before being shoved into a dressing room. After about 10 minutes Jack came out dressed in the clothes Shimmer picked. "Those look good and nice, what do you think Jack?" Shimmer asks. "I like them, could we get more clothes like this?" Jack asks. Shimmer smirked then laughed.


Shimmer decided that just one last touch wouldn't hurt. Well, not her anyways. "Where are we going?" Jack asks. "One last stop for a last touch and addition to your look." Shimmer says heading to a tattoo parlor in the mall. "W-why are you headed to a tattoo parlor?" Jack asks. "To add to your look." Shimmer says simply before talking to the tattooist. After a few minutes of talking, the tattooist picked up a stud earring. Shimmer placed a hand on Jacks shoulder and sat him down in a chair. Jack shifted when the tattooist came near him with a needle and the earring.


After several screams and a mental break down from Jack, they left the mall. Jack touched his pierced eat but winced when he touched it. "Why does it hurt?" Jack asks. Shimmer shrugged.

"I'll see you on Monday, hence, don't be early." Shimmer said once her street came into sight. Today went well except for when Jack had his mental break down. Progress was going well. Now to stage two. Shimmer grinned evilly before heading home.

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