Percy, the love of my life.

Meghan Chase has had a crush on Percy Jackson ever since she saw him. But her older sister Annabeth got to him first. Meghan is sent on a quest. Two new twin campers come and Chiron demands that they go with her on her quest along with Clarisse and Percy. What happens when Percy has feelings for one of the twins. But the twin has a boyfriend. What happens if there are MANY plot twists. Read on to find out what happens.


24. Satyrs

Destiny's POV

Percy and Legend are acting very weird around each other. Ever since the Legend's incident.

So I decided to investigate. I followed Percy into the woods and cornered him.

"Percy what's going on between you and Legend?" I asked.

Percy looked around nervously, "Um. Well." He started to fiddle with his fingers looking at his shoes.

I put my hands on my hips and prepared my sassy voice, "I know something's up. What is it?"

Percy's POV

I could feel her glare ripping through my soul. Crap. What do I do now. 

"What did you do to my sister?" She asked threateningly. 

"I didn't do anything! She's the one who hugged me!" I snapped back.

She gasped then grinned knowingly, "You like her!" she taunted.

"DO NOT!" I yelled back.

"DO TO!"


"DO TO!"


"DO TO!"

"I DO NOT LIKE MEGHAN!" I yelled at her furious. I hadn't even realized what I'd just said.

She just stiffened and stared at me, "Wh-What did you say?" she grabbed my shoulders with both hands and started to shake me, "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?"

I wondered what she meant, "I said that I don't like Legend."

She then pushed me back into a tree, "No you said I don't like MEGHAN! You disgusting little worm! Do you not know that she has a boyfriend! And if you haven't noticed...YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!"

"I didn't say that! And of course I know that! And I don't have feelings for Legend!" I crossed my arms trying to give her a death glare but failing miserably.

Legend's POV

I was sitting alone at camp. Clarisse was out getting firewood, Percy went for a walk, Destiny went for a walk soon after, Meghan was picking some berries from a nearby bush we found, and Legacy was scouting the area.

I put my elbows on my knees and my chin in my hands. I looked around and finding nothing else to do; I started to sing.

It was a jolly song. It was the song I sung when I starred in the school play. It was about a flower blooming for the first time. It was a silly childish song but I sang it anyway.


I stopped singing and unsheathed my sword as I spun around and nearly cut off the poor satyrs horns. Luckily he fell to the ground in fright before my dagger connected.

I gasped, "Oh my gods I'm so sorry!" I said helping him up.

He got up and started to say, "Oh that's all rig-hey gorgeous."  He nodded his head and made the click-click sound with his mouth, "Are you new to these woods? Perhaps I could show you around?"

I glanced around to see if anybody was watching, "Um...I have a boyfriend."

"RILEY SAPLESS WHERE ARE YOU!?" a voice boomed from the woods.

The satyr froze, "Hide me." he whispered quickly.

"What? Why?" I asked.

"PLEASE!" he whisper yelled back.

"Okay-um... Go hide in my tent!" I pointed to Destiny and I's Hot pink tent. It has a single eighth note on the door flaps.

"Thank you!" he whispered as he ran to the tent and crawled inside.


I watched as an older looking satyr came into the campsite, "Oh hello! Have you seen a young satyr? he has curly brown hair with two horns sticking out. He goes by the name of Riley." He said walking closer.

"Um..." I glanced at the tent, "No?" I said. I'm horrible at telling lies.

"Are you sure?" he asked again.

"Yes." I said a little to quickly.

"ACHOO!" came from my tent.

The older looking satyr walked over to the tent and opened its flaps, "Oh really? You haven't seen a satyr anywhere? WELL WHY IS HE HIDING IN THIS TENT!?" He walked over to me shaking his fist.

It was really awkward because he was about three inches shorter than me.

I pulled out my dagger and pointed it at his face, "Take one more step." I threatened.

"Dad please don't be mad at her! I asked her to hide me!" said Riley.

"Riley...GO HOME AND DO YOUR CHORES LIKE YOU WERE ASKED TO!" The older satyr yelled at him.

Right then Percy and Destiny walked into the campsite.

"Alright fine." Riley huffed as he started to walk away, "But first..." He ran back to me and kissed me.

HE KISSED ME! FULL ON THE LIPS! I was so shocked that I couldn't move. He kissed me for about thirty seconds.

After he pulled away I came back to my senses and punched him. Square in the nose.

After I looked down at my hand to see blood.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST DO!?" Percy screamed as he walked over fists clenched and picked up the young satyr by the shirt.



Chapter by: Beatz

#Percy Da Player~ Bunni

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