Percy, the love of my life.

Meghan Chase has had a crush on Percy Jackson ever since she saw him. But her older sister Annabeth got to him first. Meghan is sent on a quest. Two new twin campers come and Chiron demands that they go with her on her quest along with Clarisse and Percy. What happens when Percy has feelings for one of the twins. But the twin has a boyfriend. What happens if there are MANY plot twists. Read on to find out what happens.


16. Presents!

Legacy's POV

"I know what it's like to lose someone you love." I said to her, "I know what it's like to miss someone terribly."

 Annabeth tensed up. "Wh-who's there?" she asked.


 "Why are you here Legacy!" she said angrily.

"I know you need someone to talk to. A shoulder to cry on," I said carefully, "I just thought that I could be that person."

 "Why would you think that?" she sniffled, "I hardly know you!"

"That is a good point. But I think that you need to let all of your feelings out and stop bottling them up inside you!" I slowly walked over to her and keeled down next to her, "Don't worry. You'll find your prince charming."

She looked at me with red puffy eyes, "Thank you." was all she got out before she hugged me and started to sob.

I rubbed her back and shushed her. Once she finally calmed down I said, "Now I have to get on a quest. But I will see you when I get back, alright?"


I started to walk back to the big house.


"Yes Annabeth?"

"I-I just wan-wanted you t-to know that you-your my b-best friend." she said shakily. 

I just smiled, "And your mine."

Legend's POV

I was in the big house when Chiron said, "Oh dear! Someone needs to give you three the tour! Um.. Connor! Give Destiny the tour, and Travis you do the same for Legend.

Of course I would get paired up with that guy. Even though I had a little bit of a jittery feeling in my stomach that I don't normally get unless I'm very excited. I mean this guy was SUPER cute but I don't have time for a relationship right now!

Destiny's POV

Yay! I've been wanting to get in some alone time with him! I think he may like me to! I giggled out loud a little bit. I can't wait!?

Connor's POV

"Wait let me get this strait. I get to show Destiny around camp?"




"Without any other people around?"

"Yes you get to be alone with her and leave me to mourn in peace!" Leo yelled!


I know exactly what I'll do! I'll bring her there and tell her how I fell about her! This is going to be perfect!

Travis's POV

So we will be alone? All day? With no one to bug us? Maybe I can tell her how I fell about her. I really am crazy about her even though we just met. I can just feel something between us! I want to hold her hands in mine and gaze into those crystal blue eyes for hours! I can't believe it! I think I love Legend! Wait that's so stupid I hardly know her! But I have to let her know I care for her before the quest starts! "Come on lets go!" I said motioning for Legend to follow.

Destiny's POV

"Yeah let's go to!" I said excitedly as I grabbed Connors hand and practically dragged him out of the big house. "So. What are you showing me first?" I asked cutely and smiling. I was still holding his hand.

He blushed a light pink looking at our interlocked fingers, "Well I suppose we should get you a weapon first." He replied still blushing.

"OK where is it?"

"Oh! It's over-"

"WAIT!" Chiron yelled as galloped outside.

"What is it Chiron?" Connor asked.

"I have a present for each of you triplets."

"Really? Chiron that wasn't necessary!" I said with a smile on my face.

"Where did your sister and Travis go?" Chiron asked.

"Hey guys whats shakin'?" Travis suddenly said.

We all jumped, "Don't sneak up on us like that Travis!"

"I have a present for the triplets. Now where's Legacy?" The half horse asked.

"I'm right here."

We all jumped again. But this time my grip on Connor's hand got tighter.

"I've been behind you the whole time!" she said giving us the, "you-seriously-didn't-notice-I-was-here" look.

"Oh good all of you are here." Chiron said, "Here you are, There you go, and enjoy." He said while giving us some very big packages.

Mine was gold wrapping paper with a silver bow.

Legend's had Silver wrapping paper with a bronze bow.

And Legacy's was in bronze wrapping paper with a golden bow.

We all opened them at the same time, "Wow." we each pulled out a dagger. But the daggers matched the wrapping that they had come in!

My dagger had a golden middle and silver on the tip.

Legend's was sliver in the middle and had bronze on the tip.

And Legacy's had a golden tip and bronze middle.

"Chiron these daggers are amazing! But I do have one question. Why are they different colors?" Legend asked.

"Well the bronze would Celestial Bronze. The silver would be Stygian Iron. And the golden parts would be Imperial Gold." He said calmly.

"COOL!" Legend screamed.

Travis walked up to her to get a better look at her sword.

"OK. Um..Destiny why don't we get going on that tour! I have a surprise for you!"


But nobody knew that Travis had the same surprise for Legend.



Chapter By: Beatz







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