Percy, the love of my life.

Meghan Chase has had a crush on Percy Jackson ever since she saw him. But her older sister Annabeth got to him first. Meghan is sent on a quest. Two new twin campers come and Chiron demands that they go with her on her quest along with Clarisse and Percy. What happens when Percy has feelings for one of the twins. But the twin has a boyfriend. What happens if there are MANY plot twists. Read on to find out what happens.


25. Possessed

Percy's POV

I don't know what came over me. Just seeing the satyr kiss her... It just made me so mad. Do I have feelings for Legend? I don't know. I thought I really liked Meghan. But I guess not if I blew my top over something like this.

I looked up at the satyr dangling from my hand. He had fear in his eyes. He reminded me of Grover. I slowly set him down.

Legend's POV

I was so furious. I could feel my eyes going red. That voice in my head, "KILL HIM! KILL THE STUPID SATYR THAT KISSED YOU! THEN KILL THE OTHER BOY! HE'S GETTING IN THE WAY OF YOU PUMMELING HIM!" the voice screamed. Then I blacked out.

Destinys POV

Legend stuttered for a moment then started walking toward the satyr. Her hand moved to her dagger and she unsheathed it. 

Her mouth opened and an unusual voice came out, "You'll die you STUPID, WORTHLESS, DONKEY!" 

She raised the dagger over her head but before she could bring it down on the poor satyr Percy grabbed her around the waist and flung her onto his shoulder.

"LET ME GO!" Her voice screamed. She raised her dagger up and she was about to stab him when an arrow knocked it out of her hand.

"NO!" Legacy screamed.

"Get some rope!" I commanded.

I helped Percy pin Legend down while Legacy got the rope.

"Tie her up!" Percy yelled.

She was screaming a struggling, "GET OFF ME!" 

We finally tied her to a tree.

"This is not my sister." I said wide eyed.



Chapter by: Beatz

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