Percy, the love of my life.

Meghan Chase has had a crush on Percy Jackson ever since she saw him. But her older sister Annabeth got to him first. Meghan is sent on a quest. Two new twin campers come and Chiron demands that they go with her on her quest along with Clarisse and Percy. What happens when Percy has feelings for one of the twins. But the twin has a boyfriend. What happens if there are MANY plot twists. Read on to find out what happens.


23. Beautiful Voice

Legend's POV

As I walked back to camp I wondered what I'd say to Destiny. She'd seen most of it too but Legacy and Percy didn't know that. When I got back to camp I snuggled into my sleeping bag next to what I thought to be a sleeping Destiny.

"What happened"

"HOLY HORRIBLE HAIKU!" I whisper yelled, "What are you doing still awake!? I told you to get back to bed!" I whisper scolded her.

"You said to go back to bed. Not to sleep."

I rolled my eyes and playfully slapped her shoulder.

"So what happened?"

"Nothing much. The only highlight was that I got ten drachma from Percy."

"Hey no fair!"

"Whatever. Go to sleep."

She huffed, "Fine." she rolled over so her back was facing me.

I smiled and turned my back to her also. I had some trouble sleeping. It kinda felt like bugs were crawling around in my sleeping bag.

"AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed as I felt a fiery stinger stab me in the ankle.

Destiny's POV

"AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Legend screamed from beside me.

I flung myself into sitting position and turned to see her, "Whats wrong!?" I yelled at her.

All she did was keep screaming. But I could see a slight glistening in her eyes. Were those tears? I'd never seen Legend cry before. Before long they were streaming down her face.

"What is it!" Percy asked running over.

"I don't know she was fine a minute ago!" I said rubbing her arm as she continued to scream.

"What's happened?" Legacy asked drawing her bow.

Then Legend started to calm down. She was still shaking and breathing heavily.Sshe reached out and hugged the nearest person. That person happened to be Percy. 

She was shaking and crying into his shoulder. I looked over at Meghan. She seemed to have hurt in her eyes while watching Percy comfort Legend. 

"I- I'm okay." Legend muttered as she slowly released Percy. But Percy didn't seem about ready to let go. But after about ten seconds he let go.

I touched her arm, "What happened?" I asked concerned.

"I-Ther-It-It was nothing" she hesitantly replied.

I looked at her for a moment. She looked about ready to cry again.

"What happened?" I demanded this time.

"I-It was just my ankle. I stung for a moment but I'm okay now." She quickly replied.

Percy's POV

I don't know what came over me. When Legend was hugging me. I had a face full of her blonde hair. It kinda reminded me of the hugs Annabeth used to give me. I looked at Meghan. She was looking at me with hurt in her eyes. I don't know why but that hug from Legend just kinda felt right. NO stop thinking like that! Your Annabeth's boyfriend! Crap I mean Meghan's boyfriend! Do I have feelings for Legend?

Legend's POV

It was terrible. The pain, the hatred, the anger, the evil that I've felt throughout my life just felt like it combined and was taunting my brain. My mother calling me weak, stupid, useless. My sister crying because I had been mean to her. Never having a good home. Not having a good education. All the bad feelings that have built up. I also felt tortured. Like someone was doing this to me on purpose. And that sting. I don't know what the sting was but it hurt. A lot. I just had to hug someone. I didn't care who. That who turned out to be Percy. And after the hug I felt awkward and like I was stealing Meghan's boyfriend. I don't know what the sting was but I have a feeling it'll come back.

"I'm okay." I said again, "You can all go back to sleep now." I assured them.

So they all went back to their sleeping bags and fell asleep. I however didn't. I didn't want that feeling to come back again.


"Yes Destiny?" I said turning to face her.

"This is really embarrassing but would you sing me the dream song? I can't sleep." She asked hopefully.

"I haven't sang you that song in years!" I said disbelieving.

"Please?" she asked.

"If you insist.Now lets see if I remember." The only thing my mother had ever complimented me on was my 'voice like silk' she would call it.

I started to sing,

Lullaby and good night. Rest your sleepy head. Count your sheep and dare to dream. Be thankful for your life.

Lullaby. And good night. Know I love you so. Rest your eyes and say good night. 

Sleep tight my dear and dream.

About halfway through the lullaby she fell asleep but I felt like I just had to keep singing it. Little did I know that everyone else at camp was listening also. 

All the sudden Percy started to clap. I froze and turned to see all of the others sitting up wide eyed and clapping for me.

"I wish I could sing like that." Meghan said.

"Better than any Apollo kid I've ever heard." Percy said amazed.

"That was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard." said Legacy.

"Yes." we all heard Apollo speak in our heads. After Hades took my eldest daughter I brought my second eldest to Olympus and had her blessed with the most beautiful voice ever. 

I touched my throat, "Really? I never thought I was that good."

"Are you kidding me!? Percy exclaimed, "That was the most beautiful thing to ever reach my ears!" 

I blinked a few times, "Wow. Thanks Percy."

"ANYWAYS!" Meghan said killing the mood and glaring at Percy, "Lets get back to sleep."

"Okay." we all said.

Maybe I should sing more often. I thought to myself.

Percy's POV

Legend's voice was absolutely beautiful! I leaned back against the tree that I was by.

"Meghan," I whispered, "Are you awake?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I have something for you."


I grabbed her quiver of arrows and sat it on my lap. Then I felt her head lean against my shoulder. Her eyes widened as I slipped the ring off of the arrow it was on. I gave it to her and whispered,

"I love you, and I want you to have this ring. It's a promise ring. I promise to love you and only you."

"Thank you. Oh my gods Percy, it's beautiful!"

"I had Leo make it. And you're welcome." I said, then I smiled.

"Goodnight Meghan."

"Goodnight Percy."


Chapter By: Bunni and Beatz


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