lost boy//m.c. au

warning// themes of self harm/injury


11. 1.0

"nice to meet you man." calum grins, sticking his hand out.

"likewise." mikey says, shaking his hand.


they're back in carmens apartment, sipping tea and talking about life.

"so, mikey. I have a friend and she says she knows you."

"oh really? who is it?"

"names violet. said you went to school with her?

mikeys face went pale, and he swallowed drily.

"I don't know who you're talking about." he mumbled.

"but-" I said no, calum!" he exclaimed angrily, marching up the stairs.

calums face was flushed, and his eyes were darting quickly around the room.

"cal?" sydney asked. "what's wrong?"

"I invited violet here because I thought mikey would want to catch up with her. she's on her way now."

ooh, dramaaaa!! -chloeXx

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