lost boy//m.c. au

warning// themes of self harm/injury


10. 0.9

he tasted sweet, like the green tea she always drank with her breakfast. his back went slack against the counter as they pursued one another, wrapped in the others love. they finally broke away, she traced his beautiful face, wondering how on earth she became so lucky to have such a beautiful creature.

"carmen." he whispered, nudging her shoulder softly.

"what?" she mumbled, tilting his chin up so that they were facing each other.

"can we cuddle?" he announces, hopping off the counter and grasping her hand.

"sure, babe. anything for you." she giggles, readjusting his beanie and dragging him up the stairs where thier pile of blankets and pillows awaited.


he sat down in the plastic chair, trying to get adjusted to its uncomfortableness again. she sits down right beside them, along with a girl with straight brown hair, pretty blue eyes (michael notices) and a white beanie covering the top of her head.

"mikey, this is my best friend from high school, sydney." carmen giggles, pointing to the blue eyed girl. and this is calum, her boyfriend. michael looks over just in time to see a guy about his height with wavy brown locks and chocolate brown eyes sit down next to the girl, and kiss her forehead lovingly.

I'll update more in the morning ! I'm tired !-Xx Chloe💋

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