lost boy//m.c. au

warning// themes of self harm/injury


8. 0.7

the purple blanket provided an escape from the real world in some way, for her. it's was just her and mikey. was she falling for him? possibly. he was just so… himself. he never gave a crap about what other peoe said about him. he was so beautiful, too. he was timid and shy yet outgoing at the same time. she cuddled closer to him, listening to his even breathing and scanningthe figures of the christmas lights strung on her walls. he stirred when she shuffled around a little bit, and nuzzled his nose into hers before drifting off to unconsciousness once again. she sighed quietly, content with her life and the happiest she had been in a long time. her eyelids were fluttering closed whenever there was a loud banging at the front door, startling both of them out of the peaceful state of mind.

an// ooh, finally some drama instead of just filler chaps!! mikeys dad is about to become a part of this story and so is calum and one of my friends as his girlfriend! stay tuned, lovelies.💖

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