lost boy//m.c. au

warning// themes of self harm/injury


6. 0.5

she looked up at him through her tear filled haze.

"so what about you?" she sniffed.

"why are you 'messed up in the head'?"

" ever since I was young enough to walk my father beat me. he didn't think I was good enough for him or that I lived up to his expectations because I'm weird and different than other people. as I got older the beatings got worse, and I started to believe I deserved it. I started to cut and I didn't eat so I looked super sick all the time. of course I got even more beatings for that because I was just a worthless piece of trash that doesn't know how to take care of himself, more money out of my dads pocket. where was my mom through all of this, you might wonder? she split when I was three." he finishes grimly, sipping the last of his coffee before throwing it in the trash bin. "that's why I wear these." he pointed towards the several bracelets that dressed his wrists. she nodded, understanding. they got each other. they knew what the other one was going through. and that's all she could ask for.

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