lost boy//m.c. au

warning// themes of self harm/injury


4. 0.3

she hears the group leader dismiss the group, so she quickly grabs her things and walks out as quick as possible. that is, until she hears a voice calling her name. his voice. "what do you want?" she snaps, turning to face the rude green haired boy. "listen, I'm sorry about earlier. can we start off fresh, like act that you don't even know my name?" "fine." she huffs. "yay!" he shouts. gosh he's adorable. "ok, I'm michael, you seem awesome and I would love to get to know you, can I take you out to lunch to get to know you?" he asked hopefully, his green orbs shining, "oh alright." she mumbles. "alright, let's go!" he grabs her hand and intertwines their fingers and they head for the cafe.

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