lost boy//m.c. au

warning// themes of self harm/injury


3. 0.2

his once clear eyes were now stormy for she had clearly upset him. "so." the group leader, ethan said. "how is everyone?" silence. "ok then, I guess we will just have to call on people. again. he rolled his eyes, and scanned the room before picking his victim. "michael. you haven't spoken in a while. how is your life?" ethan was annoyingly curious, and michael didn't like it. "well, my hairs falling out and I have a daily wish of die in the most excruciatingly painful way possible. but other then that, I'm totally fine." he grumbled sarcastically. the leader dismissed it all with a wave, and she guessed by the way that he was acting, this was a usual thing for michael. "how about you? what's your name?" the group leader was turned to her, awaiting her response. "I'm carmen. I have depression and anxiety because of my home life." she recited. she didn't know if she actually beloved that, but that's what the doctors told her. "if you have any issues that myself or anyone from the group can help you with, please let me know." ethan stated. "so today we will be……" but she had lost interest. she zoned out, drifting off in to her own little dream world.

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