Lost (5sos) SLOW UPDATES

"Katie your being adopted by these 4 boys"


8. hi

Ok, first off I'm really sorry. I haven't updated in like forever. I really wanted to update in the summer but I was sooooo busy, and now school started and I'm probably still gonna be really busy. But I just wanted to say that I will continue this book and I promise I will finish it. I already have the whole story played out in my head sooooo yah. I'm really hoping I don't get too much homework in English since I HATE that class, but tomorrow we have an assembly during first period so I'll miss it anyway. Yah so that's my life, anyway how's school for you guys? Some of you started school like last week or something which is very unfortunate. Like when I was on twitter last week everyone was complaining about school. Today was the first for me not that you actually care. Well now I'm just typing stupid things so I guess I'll go do my homework. Byeeeee

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