Lost (5sos) SLOW UPDATES

"Katie your being adopted by these 4 boys"


12. Chapter 9

When we got back home, Calum walked straight into the living room an put me down on the couch. I looked around but no one else was there. Calum must've saw my confused face because he told me that the rest of the boys were out looking for me. He went into the kitchen after telling me to stay sitting, and came back out with a slice of pizza on a plate. He handed it to me and sat down beside me, while I just stared at him because why the fuck not. "Please eat" he said while pouting and kissing my forehead. Damn I was not expecting that, but it kinda felt nice so I didn't punch him in the face. I hid my smile and looked away and started to eat. At the corner of my eye I saw him pull out his phone and start to text someone. I leaned over too see who he's talking to since I'm nosy like that, he chuckled and showed me his phone. He was talking to the boys in a group chat and telling them that he found me. I smiled at Calum and finished eating my pizza while Calum just watched me, which obviously isn't creepy at all. When I was done Calum took my plate and went into the kitchen, and I sat there being awkward. Then I felt a body on top of me, like am I seriously being attacked right now. "I WAS LOOKING EVERYWHERE! WHY WOULD YOU BETRAY ME!" I looked up and saw Michael pouting at me. Umm...ok then. "AWW LOOK AT MY CUTE FLUFFY LITTLE BABY TEDDY BEAR!" He screamed while pinching my cheeks softly. What the fuck is happening right now. "Michael you are yelling" Ashton said walking in and then looking at me sadly. I looked away from him quickly. Then of course another person attacks me. WHY IS EVERYONE JUMPING ON ME!!!! I looked up and saw Luke's worried face. He pulled me in and hugged me closely while whispering "Are you ok? Did you get hurt? Where did you go?" And a bunch of other things that I didn't bother paying attention to. I smiled at him to show that I was alright and he immediately relaxed. Calum walked into the room, frowned and shook his head at Ashton, pulled me away from Michael and Luke, and bluntly said "Go to sleep." Then he picked me up and started to walk away. I looked over his shoulder and saw the rest of the guys with their mouths open in shock. I quietly giggled and Calum probably heard me because I felt him hold me closer. He took me upstairs, then stopped in front of my room and asked me if I wanted to sleep alone. I shook my head and pointed at him. He understood and took me to his room where I fell asleep wrapped his arms.

Calum's nice, I like him.

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