Lost (5sos) SLOW UPDATES

"Katie your being adopted by these 4 boys"


9. Chapter 7

It was pretty much completely dark, there weren't any street lamps, cars, or even any houses that had bedroom lights on. I was alone in the cold dark night lying on the fresh green grass. My tears dried up a while ago, and I was left with sore eyes that were probably red. My mind was literally blank. Not a single thought found a way up into my head.

I let out a heavy sigh and got up, off the ground. I wasn't really thinking when I started walking but I just let my body do what it wanted. I walked down the street, getting farther and farther from the house. After a couple of minutes I was starting to get a but tired, but I just kept going and never stopped once.

It's probably been like half an hour since I left. So far all I've seen was street lamps. Until I walked by a building, which is really creepy since I was in the middle of nowhere. The building looked as if it was about to fall apart, but I'm really tired so I decided to check it out. I slowly walked towards the entrance, and saw it was dark inside. I'm standing here wondering if I should or shouldn't go inside. I ended up going inside anyway, but I kinda regretted my decision once I was literally inside. It smelt like rotten eggs, and even though it was dark I could tell there was a lot of trash and mice around.

But since I'm already in here, I might as well just stay. So I walked further on into the building. With every step I take I hear little paws scampering. It's a little creepy and to be honest I am a little scared. Then out of nowhere I felt something hard hit my head and everything went black.

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