Lost (5sos) SLOW UPDATES

"Katie your being adopted by these 4 boys"


6. chapter 5

I've literally been sitting on this stupid chair for 2 hours while Calum and Ashton try to get me to eat. I'm actually surprised they remembered to feed me. They felt really bad when they realized that I wasn't given food since I was in the adoption centre, but it isn't their fault I'm always falling asleep. But now I just can't eat and it's getting them really frustrated. Right now I'm not sure what I'm more afraid of, Jaiya or a very angry Ashton.

"Katie! You have to eat!" Calum whined while flapping his arms and stomping his feet as if he was a little boy throwing a tantrum over some stupid toy his parent won't buy. I just replied with a simple head shake which defiantly got Ashton angrier and Calum whinier. At the corner of my eye I saw Ashton's face turn red and his fists clenched. Out of nowhere Ashton's fist slammed down onto the table "JUST EAT THE FUCKING FOOD!" He yelled. It was silent for a minute until tears sprang from my eyes and I ran as fast I could up the stairs. I didn't dare turn back to look at Ashton or Calum but I did hear shouts as I ran up the stairs. When I reached the top I bumped into something hard and was about to fall backwards. But two arms quickly caught me and picked me up. I hesitantly looked up and saw Michael's worried green eyes staring into mine. "Are you ok?!? What happened?!? Are you hurt?!?" Michael questioned quickly. I didn't say anything I just cried in his arms.

After a few minutes Michael began to walk down the stairs still carrying me . My eyes grew in alarm as fresh tears streamed down my face, I began to violently shake my head. Michael saw this and immediately brought me closer into his chest and tightened my legs around him, and also brought my head to his shoulder as he turned around to walk back up the stairs.

He walked into Luke's room and I saw Luke lying in bed with his phone in his hands.When he heard us come in he looked up and got up quickly, stuffing his phone back into his jeans. He walked towards us and began asking the same questions Michael did. But I just hid my face away in Michael's neck. Michael began to move again and sat down on Luke's bed, as he started to gently pull my face away so it could be seen. Luke handed me a notepad and pen, I looked up at him confused. "Write what happened" he said gently while moving the hair in my face behind my ear. I nodded and began to write:

Ashton and Calum were trying to get me to eat, but I wasn't hungry. Then Ashton screamed at me and I don't like loud noises.

I hesitantly placed in Luke's hand, After he finished reading it he gave it to Michael. As soon as Michael finished reading it his eyes turned dark and his face turned red, he put me in Luke's arms and ran out the room while slamming the door shut. I looked at Luke wide-eyed and started to shake, he held me closer and kissed my forehead, when suddenly I heard Michael screaming.

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