Lost (5sos) SLOW UPDATES

"Katie your being adopted by these 4 boys"


2. chapter 2

I woke up with a start, screaming as tears rolled down my cheeks. I haven't had the nightmares for a while, but of course they just had to come back. I suddenly realized I was in a room I've never seen before. Oh! I forgot I was adopted! Right at that moment the 4 boys came rushing in, and running over to me. The kept asking me "Are you alright?" And "What's wrong?" I nodded my head even though I wasn't fine at all. The guy with a lip ring stretched his arm out to me. I immediately flinched and backed up, to have a farther distance between us. "Do you think I'm going to hurt you?" lip ring said, hurt evident in his voice. I looked down ashamed. "We would never hurt you." Curly said. I nodded still looking down, not meeting anyone's eyes. "My name is Luke, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you before." The guy with the lip ring said. "I'm Ashton" said curly. "I'm Calum" the black haired one said. "I'm Michael" said the red head.

Luke, Ashton, Calum, and Michael. Ok got it.

I nodded and laid back down, curling into a ball and closed my eyes. I don't know who but someone pulled the covers over my body. I tried to go back to sleep but the nightmare was still fresh in my mind. I opened my eyes and got up walking over to the window that was near by. I sat down on the ledge and looked out, it was still dark outside. I felt the boys stares burning into my back. When are they going to leave. I suddenly felt a pair of arms lift me up. I tried to wriggle out of their strong grip, but I'm really weak so I ended up giving up. I sighed looking up and saw that it was Ashton, he smiled and kissed my cheek as he walked out of the room. Where is he taking me? I have to admit I am a little scared, oh fuck this I'm terrified. He took me down and into the living room. "What do you want to eat?" He asked while he say down on the couch still holding me as I sat in his lap. I didn't say anything I just looked down at my hands. He sighed "At least say one word." He said while rubbing my back. I shook my head. I saw a piece of paper on the coffee table in front of us, I grabbed it and a pen nearby and wrote a note. I've haven't spoken in years so don't bother trying to get me to talk. I wrote neatly. I gave it to Ashton, his eyes quickly scanned the paper. He looked up at me and brought me closer to him. "Luke! Make food!!" I flinched as he screamed. Ashton grabbed the tv remote and turned it on. There was a movie on. He leaned on the couch and started cuddling me. I don't know what went through my mind but I leaned on him and cuddled with him. He smiled so big as my eyes closed.

I opened my eyes to see Luke, Calum, and Michael huddled around Ashton and I. There stares were freaking me out so I hid my face in Ashton's chest. I felt his hands pet my hair, I looked up at him. He was smiling like an idiot, I didn't want to ruin his mood so I smiled back. But then I felt more arms pull me away from Ashton. I tried my best to cling onto him, but there was no point who ever it was got me. Tears streamed down my face as I reached my arms for Ashton. He looked at the tears an immediately got up, bringing me back to him. "Can't you guys do anything without scaring her!" Ashton said as he rubbed my back. "We didn't mean to." Michael said sadly. "Whatever." Ashton mumbled, as he rocked me like a baby in his arms. Luke held out his arms. "Can I?" Ashton looked at me then at Luke, he hesitantly handed me over. Luke held me in his arms carefully. He smiled wide at me as he started walking away from the group. He brought me upstairs to my room, he laid me down only bed slowly. "Would you like to go shopping for clothes today?" He asked me hopefully. I shrugged. "I'm gonna take that as a yes! We'll leave when your ready, alright?" I nodded. He backed out of the room and closed the door behind him. This is gonna be a long day.

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