Lost (5sos) SLOW UPDATES

"Katie your being adopted by these 4 boys"


1. Chapter 1

I woke up to a loud bell ringing. Visitors would be coming soon, and seriously I don't give a fuck. No one ever adopts me, but who would I'm just a small depressed 10 year old girl that spends most of my day locked inside my room. The only time I leave is either for school or food. Right now I don't wanna get up at all but I'm hungry so I guess I have too.

I get up and get dressed in tights and a big baggy sweater. I tied up my blue and white dyed hair into a ponytail and put my hood over so my face and hair is covered, and leave my room. I walked down the stairs, and they were busy as fuck. Probably for the visitors. I went into the kitchen to find only a few people there. I quickly grabbed the closest thing to me, which happened to be bread. I was just about to leave when someone called my name. I chose to ignore it and started to run to my room. When I got to my room I ate my bread in like 2 minutes and sat on my bed. I reached under and took out my violin. I can play 4 instruments, I learned to play them before I got here. I play violin, piano, drums and guitar. I was going to practice but decided against it, and slid it back under my bed. I looked at the wall and thought about my life. Does it even have value? Of course it doesn't. Should I die? I defiantly should.

I was just to think some more of how much I hate my life, when I was interrupted by mrs.Jill and 4 guys I didn't know. I quickly pulled my hood even lower so more of my face can be hidden. "Katie, I was calling you before." I didn't respond I just looked down. Oh by the way I don't talk to anyone. But if you gain my trust which would be extremely hard, I will talk to you. I heard mrs.Jill sigh, "Katie these 4 boys want to adopt you, and your leaving in a few minutes so get packing." She plainly stated as she left the room. I was filled with shock, why would they want to adopt me, of all people. I slowly got out of bed and took a suitcase from my closet.

I started to pack all my clothes and stuff. I finished in 5 minutes and was just about to leave when I realized I forgot my violin and guitar. I walked over to the bed, knelt down and took out my instruments. I picked them both up and got up. But they were taken out of my hands I jumped back in surprise and my head snapped up to see who was there. As I looked up my hood fell back showing my face and hair. But I didn't care as I saw a tall giant standing in front of me with blonde hair and a lip ring. He smiled at me, and I immediately put my head down. "We can carry your stuff." Said the boy, I nodded and looked up to his face again. He was still smiling at me, and it was getting a little creepy. "Are you finished packing?" Another boy said walking in, he had red hair, which was obviously dyed. I nodded to the red headed boy and he took my suitcase and left. "Come" the boy with the lip ring said. We walked together down the stairs and into mrs.Jill's office. There was a boy with long curly dirty blonde hair, and another boy with black hair. The curly haired boy was filling out some papers, probably for the adoption. The 3 other boys were staring at me smiling. I kept my head down, not wanting to make eye contact.

When curly finished we walked out in silence. I didn't look back like how they did in the movies. I kept walking until we were in front of a black car. The boy with black hair opened the door and looked at me expectantly. "You can go in." He said smiling, I slightly nodded and went into the car swiftly. I sat against the opposite door. The boy with a lip ring sat beside me, and beside him sat the black haired boy. Curly was in the drivers seat and red head sat in the passengers seat. I pulled my hood back over my head and tried my best to keep distance between lip ring and myself. I'm pretty sure he realised that since I was squished against a car door. The car started moving, goodbye adoption center. I thought as darkness took over as I fell asleep.

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