Lost (5sos) SLOW UPDATES

"Katie your being adopted by these 4 boys"


11. A/N+SLFL

Ok I'm really sorry I haven't updated but I promise I will soon. I've just been really busy with summer school and other shit. But anyway moving onto important news....I WAS AT SLFL LAST NIGHT IN TORONTO!!! It was literally the best.






I cried so hard. Btw I lost my voice from screaming so much so I actually have an excuse to not talk to people YAY!!!!

But seriously Michael fucking killed me every time he opened his mouth.

They were going to sing a song about poutine and Michael started singing "poutine doesn't taste like poo poo" but they didn't like it so Ashton said they should make a song about Drake. then Michael wanted to play hotline bling, but they couldn't play it so they sang "livin' in the six... with Drake" instead and just ended up listing a bunch of other Canadian artists.

And before jet black heart Michael was standing there and everyone was screaming and he had this cute smile and everyone around me (including myself) was bawling and it seriously looked like Michael was crying.

Ok I'm going to stop now before I start crying again, but I just wanted you guys to know that I will update this weekend.


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