That guy

Cindy has a past that everyone knew about in London but then moves to Australia to have a fresh new start ,but ends up killing her best friend who tells her crush she has a deep dark secret while Cindy has anxiety and is depressed

I woke up realising i was inside my house and turned my head to see the boys there i started to freak out when they all came rushing to me. Why were they here ????
"Who are you ? How did you get in my house?" I questioned them feeling scared.
"Im Luke ,Ashton, Michael and Calum."the blond one named and pointed to the guys
"I-I'm Cindy alvester ."


10. What now ?

"well right now shes been placed into a forced choma due to some more brain tissue swelling. She should wake up in a few hours if not then maybe a week tops. " she sighed. 

" you can go in and see her, maybe talk to her. Some patient hear what peoplw say to them during their sleep. " she whispered to me as if she knew my feeling towards her. 

"Thankyou" after she left i rushed into the room grabbing the seat next to the bed while placing her fragile hand into mine. 

"Condy , if you can hear me i would like to tell you that..... The first time i met you the first time you glanced at me it made me feel like i can accomplish anything. The first time i heard your laugh it mesmerised me. You make me feel something ive never felt about someone , cindy alvester you have made me utterly in love with you. You do the smallest things that end up having a huge impact on me ." I sighed afterwards waiting for a sign or signal that she heard me but nothing.  

Nobodys POV

Cindys parents finally arrived at the hospital they rushed into the room when they saw cundy lying there in  complete with only the heart monitor beeping. Luke was still there holding cindys hand even when he was sleeping.
















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