That guy

Cindy has a past that everyone knew about in London but then moves to Australia to have a fresh new start ,but ends up killing her best friend who tells her crush she has a deep dark secret while Cindy has anxiety and is depressed

I woke up realising i was inside my house and turned my head to see the boys there i started to freak out when they all came rushing to me. Why were they here ????
"Who are you ? How did you get in my house?" I questioned them feeling scared.
"Im Luke ,Ashton, Michael and Calum."the blond one named and pointed to the guys
"I-I'm Cindy alvester ."


15. trapped

Cindy's POV

i started practicing a cover of afire love by ed sheeran which i was really starting to get good at .

"Things were all good yesterday
And then the devil took your memory
And if you fell to your death today
I hope that heaven is your resting place
I heard the doctors put your chest in pain
But then that could have been the medicine
There you are lying in the bed again
Either way I'll cry with the rest of them

My father told me, son
It's not his fault he doesn't know your face
You're not the only one
Although my Grandma used to say
That he used to sing

Darlin' hold me in your arms
The way you did last night
And we'll lie inside
For a little while here oh"

i hear the door slam so i  presume someone has waken up , i walked back upstairs to find the door locked and i  started frantically trying to open it but the lights started flickering on and off. 

"someone help!" i screamed but no reply 

"some one open the door i'm locked out!"i screamed again but nothing i turned around and saw a figure in the corner with what looked like rope .

"HELP ME , LUKE! EMILY! VANESSA! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!" I screamed and frantically started banging on the door.

"there's no use they wont find you , they cant even here you ." the figure said stepping out of the shadows, he had a black mask on with a hoodie on.

"who are you  how did you get in here, in my house?" i asked frantically clutching the door .

"you don't need to know that for now , but your going to be happy down here with me , and your going to do as i say or ill hurt your friends up there."he said with a sickly grin on his face.

"what are you going to do with me?"i said tears streaking down my face.

"well that would be spoiling the pleasure for you now, and i suggest you come down here before i tie you to the bed!"he started raising his voice which made the tears stream down my face more.

i kept clutching the door trying to unlock it but it wouldn't open and then he started walking up the stairs and dragged me down the steps while putting handcuffs on me behind my back .i kept screaming and fighting but then tied the rope on my hands and on the bed.

"please stop!" i screamed with more tears streaking down my face.

he wouldn't listen and started taking off my clothes including his own.

"shhh baby , this is your first time isn't it ? well don't worry you'll enjoy it " he hovered above me then.....

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