That guy

Cindy has a past that everyone knew about in London but then moves to Australia to have a fresh new start ,but ends up killing her best friend who tells her crush she has a deep dark secret while Cindy has anxiety and is depressed

I woke up realising i was inside my house and turned my head to see the boys there i started to freak out when they all came rushing to me. Why were they here ????
"Who are you ? How did you get in my house?" I questioned them feeling scared.
"Im Luke ,Ashton, Michael and Calum."the blond one named and pointed to the guys
"I-I'm Cindy alvester ."


4. The question

Luke's POV

I don't  know what's come over me lately but I feel like I have the urge to keep her close and protect her, there just simply something unique about her that makes her special . My gaze darted toward her eyes that were looking down at her wrists ......that when it hit me she self harms herself !but why would she do that? 

"Cindy is everything okay like with your family and home ?" I asked wanting to understand why she would do this to herself. 

"Yeah couldn't be better. Why ?" She asked and then I led my gaze don toward her hands which she was trying to cover with her sleeve. 

"Luke just leave it I've stopped it was from last month it nothing... Can we go to class now ?" Sounding stressed. 

"Yeah..." I replied


Cindy's POV 

it was FINALLY the end of school I was walking towards home when I saw Luke and the boys   Sitting under the tree practising when Michael saw me but I instantly put a finger to my lips so he won't tell the others ,he understood what I was doing and he signalled an okay with his fingers. I shoved my hand in my bag in search of my earphone and I straightly put them in my ear only to have them yanked out by somebody who happens to be Luke. 

" can I help you Luke ?" I asked with an annoyed tone in my voice. "Hey why don't you come hang out with us and later I could walk you home . " 

"Um sorry Luke but I have some stuff to do sorry maybe next time. "I h I'd trying to pull away from him ,"like what ?" 

This boy is really testing my patience !!!! " homework , song writing ,practising and dinner !"I rushed trying to seriously get home now. " oh okay we'll see you soon ....." He replied and walked away while giving a quick glance at my hands. 

 I saw Luke walk back to the guys and i just put on GUY by lady gaga (shes my woman crush!!!) and then came to the driveway only to be greeted by Emily and Vanessa we were inseparable while we were in London. "Holy shit i must be seeing things !"i shouted at them "CINDY !!!!! " they both said at the same time and came running up to me and having a huge group hug.

"What the hell guys how are you even here what about school and your audition . AHHHH YOUR AUDITION DID YOU GET IT !!!!!!!!!" I say and shouting the ending at Vanessa. She went to audition for black swan in London which was her childhood dream.

"Im sorry Cindy but ......I GOT THE PART !!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed at me and Emily.

"Oh my god Vanessa we are so proud of you . We need to go celebrate!" Me and emily say in sync

3hours later

 All three of us came to a little pizza restaurant to celebrate , "how have you been Cindy ? Have you met any cute guys lately ?" Emily ask which was at bad timing because Luke Ashton Michael and Calum walked in as she said it.

"Nope just made some new acquaintances ..." I say trying to hide my face behind the menu which failed because Michael and Calum came over and sat next to me while Mikey wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"Hey Michael hey Calum this is Emily and Vanessa they are my mates from London ." I say while pointing to them

"More like sisters candy !" emily spoke up which made Michael giggle.

Then at that moment Emily and Vanessa were sending me glares saying that they are cute guys I've met , i then lean in and whisper to Michael and Calum if they can move because I'm trying to avoid Luke so he wont come over, luckily they both agreed and moved to a different table.

"Candy why didn't you tell us about the freaking cute boys you've met !!!!" They both half shouted at me before their mouths dropped and stared behind me to find Luke biting his lip.

" STOP IT STOP LOOKING !"i whisper shouted to get them to stop which worked for only five seconds.

Finally the food arrived to our table , we ordered a huge pepperoni pizza with three diet cokes. We instantly dug in and ate all of the pizza within ten minutes.


Ring ring , ring ring

My phone was ringing but i couldn't find it until Vanessa answered it , she was acting weird "hello? Is this Luke ahhh ok WAIT DATE ?!!!" I heard laughing then i walked towards were Vanessa and emily were lying on the floor laughing. "Who is ig calling ?" I asked them .

"Candy its immigration they want to take a swab of your mouth with his tongue and probably have sex with you !" Note we did have some alcohol like a lot besides me. "WHAT!!!!" I snatched the phone from the counter and started talking , on the other line all i heard was someone laughing hard "hello who is this ?" I ask not having a clue in the world who it might be. "Umm hahaha hey candy its Luke!" He replied still laughing.

"What do you want Luke I'm kinds busy ," "so... when are we gonna have that date then?"he said loudly causing Vanessa and emily to listen more.

"Im not sure ....ummm I'm not busy tomorrow so " i finally let the words slip out of my mouth. "Yes okay ill pick you up tomorrow at 7 "he finally said before hanging up.

Luke's POV

Yes finally a date with Cindy!!! "Somebody's very happy today !" Michael shouted making the others turn around and look at me. "I am very happy so can we go practise now !" I said with my huge grin on my face.


We finished practising when i suggested the others to sleep over because it was late and everyone wad tired ,"we should go invade Cindy's place ask if she wants to play truth or dare with us !" Michael said with a smirk in his face.

"Yessssss " Calum and Ashton shouted together. Before i knew it they were running over next door to invade Cindy's house.

-knock knock-

Once the door opened someone else was there probably her friend "is Cindy here ?" Michael asked with wide eyes "yeah are you immigration ?" A very drunk emily says while letting us in.

We walked in and both Cindy and her other friend Vanessa I'm guessing were jumping on the kitchen counter with music blasting Kesha we are who we are and causing us to cover our ears due to them screaming when they saw me and the guys standing there.







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