That guy

Cindy has a past that everyone knew about in London but then moves to Australia to have a fresh new start ,but ends up killing her best friend who tells her crush she has a deep dark secret while Cindy has anxiety and is depressed

I woke up realising i was inside my house and turned my head to see the boys there i started to freak out when they all came rushing to me. Why were they here ????
"Who are you ? How did you get in my house?" I questioned them feeling scared.
"Im Luke ,Ashton, Michael and Calum."the blond one named and pointed to the guys
"I-I'm Cindy alvester ."


11. Confrontation


 Nobodys POV

Shortly afterwards cindys  ' stepbrother' walks into the room to be greeted by his parents. 

Ashtons POV

Luke was still sleeping in cindys room he doesnt want to leave her at all . On the other hand cindy is lucky to have friend like vanessa and emily , earlier they were telling us stories of them in london . I knew they are good friends like they came all the way from london just to see her. " do you girls want any tea or something ?" I asked standing up  

"Tea please " they both said and i nodded and walked off.

I came back to the girls with tea and handed it to them and they both thanked me , i went back outside to lukes car to get some blankets , shortly after i gave a blanket to the girls to Mikey and cal and went to Cindy's room to find a sleeping Luke so i walked in a covered him with a blanket. 



Cindy's POV

Darkness, darkness is my new enemy why does it always over come me , i felt myself imagine how life would be if i died. 

I can see Vanessa and emily happy living in London with Vanessa playing the role as black swan. I saw my family overjoyed will all the photos of me taken off the walls and shoved in a box. Luke with another girl in his bed smiling saying' your the only girl i ever loved '. 

I instantly woke up trying to ignore my imagination but tears started to fall and hard , i felt a grip on my hand. I instantly yanked my hand and covered my eyes. I slowly took my hands away and saw Luke. 

" please don't leave me Luke!" I begged while hugging him tightly , i felt him hesitate at first but then wrapped his arms around my back "never. " he spoke which made me relieved. 

"Cindy?" My head shot up when i saw my mum and dad standing in the doorway. They ran up to me and attacked me with hugs. "Mum, dad what are you doing here ?" Tears of happiness have overcome me now. 

"Well Vanessa and emily called me and told me what happened and your brother brought us the tickets to fly over here ." My mum spoke without letting go of me. 

"Umm mum is David actually my brother?" I asked , they both look at each other knowing that they cant keep it a secret anymore. 

"Umm sorry Cindy but he's not your brother." He looked at the ground ashamed to look me in the eyes. 

"Wait so davids adopted ... Right?" I asked nervously waiting for a reply. 

"Sweet heart its not David who's adopted ." He said with guilt in his voice. 

Wait ! Its me "wait i-i-i-I'm   a-a-adopted ? Wait then where are my real parents ? " i started to cry wondering how they only decided to tell me now. 

"We are so sorry to tell you we were hoping that we wouldn't have to tell you like this or at all ." My 'dad' said slowly stepping backwards. 

"Whats my real name then ?" I was now shouting staring them both down, they both looked at each other then spoke up. 

"Cindy morgen Kavaliauskaite " after they said that there was a tense silence. 

" please get out....... NOW!" I shouted and then left my room without taking another glance. 

I started balling my eyes out i even forgot that Luke was still in the room, he saw everything that just happened. 

















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