That guy

Cindy has a past that everyone knew about in London but then moves to Australia to have a fresh new start ,but ends up killing her best friend who tells her crush she has a deep dark secret while Cindy has anxiety and is depressed

I woke up realising i was inside my house and turned my head to see the boys there i started to freak out when they all came rushing to me. Why were they here ????
"Who are you ? How did you get in my house?" I questioned them feeling scared.
"Im Luke ,Ashton, Michael and Calum."the blond one named and pointed to the guys
"I-I'm Cindy alvester ."


21. 21

Cindy's POV

I buried myself under all the duvets i could possibly find and i just stayed like that like a cacoon , i heart that someone was outside my door. "Come in ." I said and heard a gasp as if they weren't expecting me to know. I stayed under all the blankets with my arms tightly around my torso. 

"Hey Cindy its luke ,  i came to check up on you . Can i join you there?" I thought for a bit and lifted the duvets for him to crawl under. 

"So , This is cosy. " he said laying on his side facing me as i was laying on my side not facing him. "Cindy , i know for a fact that your not going to tell me what happened but just please don't ignore me , i cant face the fact of being pushed away from you ." Once i heard the last part i turned around revealing the bruise on my face much worse and my eye glassy.

"im sorry Luke ." I said as i covered my face as he cuddled with me ,I don't   know how long it was before we fell asleep but yet i still couldn't like something much worse is going to happen to me with Vanessa still out somewhere , yet i still couldn't figure why she was doing all of this .

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