That guy

Cindy has a past that everyone knew about in London but then moves to Australia to have a fresh new start ,but ends up killing her best friend who tells her crush she has a deep dark secret while Cindy has anxiety and is depressed

I woke up realising i was inside my house and turned my head to see the boys there i started to freak out when they all came rushing to me. Why were they here ????
"Who are you ? How did you get in my house?" I questioned them feeling scared.
"Im Luke ,Ashton, Michael and Calum."the blond one named and pointed to the guys
"I-I'm Cindy alvester ."


19. 19

cindy's POV 

i was once again left alone but at least i wasn't chained to the bed , i started searching around the basement and saw my phone and a note next to it and i couldn't help but start reading it .



i'm sorry for the things i did to you but i suggest you don't trust emily as she was the one that made me do this to you , she didn't even mention to me why i should do it but she's already told me and i'm really truly sorry i didn't even  know what you've been through , you can leave but just warning you emily is still after you and i hope you can forgive me 

ben xxx


i stare at the note and try to figure out why emily would try and do this to me. why is she still after me?

i grab my phone and see over 200 missed calls from the guys and vanessa i went up the stairs through the basement door which was finally unlocked.

i walked through and saw the guys piled around the island in the kitchen and i ran towards them with tears in my eyes , once they saw me they stood up and rushed towards me with hugs .

"cindy what the hell happened to you! where were you?" ashton asked looking at the blood on my head and my swollen eye.

at that point i fell down back in more tears remembering all the pain ben put me through, luke came up behind me and lifted me bridal style to the sofa and laid me down carefully while covering me with the blanket and sitting close to me.

"here let me clean that up ." he said putting a wet cloth to my head cleaning the blood up and putting ice on my eye, he kept looking me up and down with tears in his eye's.

"what happened to you?"luke asked when the others came and sat around me .

i just sat there staring at the wall ignoring everyone and their conversations, i stayed like that for hours ,  needed to tell someone about this but the guys cant find out about this , not yet anyway.

"cindy , the guys went back home , if you need to talk i'm here for you alright?" vanessa said and sat next to me hugging me , i put my head on her shoulder and yet i broke down again.

i stood up and lifted my shirt and pulled my leggings down and showed her the bruises and cut's i had all over my body , she looked at the bruises and started tearing up once she saw my cuts and bruises.

"who did this to you?" she said once i put my clothes back on , i sat back down and pulled my knees to my chest cradling myself.

i explained everything to her when i went to the basement to sing but then ben was there and raped and abused me  and also the letter he left behind.

she sat there crying and hugging me tightly.

"cindy i'm so so sorry , but that morning emily was making out with luke and she started saying things about you and she left yesterday morning . are you going to tell the guys?" she asked while looking up at me.

"no they cant find out about this, whatever they just say that you don't know okay? i don't want them to worry about me even more, but ben didn't use a condom and i don't know what to do if i get pregnant because you know how much i'm against abortion!" i said looking at my fingers .

"don't worry , we'll sort this all out , by the way luke called a few times asking if your alright ." she said which made me smile.

"he truly does care about you cindy , he's in love with you , he's even said it that morning to emily when they argued ." she said hugging me again.


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