could i be dreaming??

Rose is a pretty talented girl. She gets bullied at home and at school. She is about to do something bad but Liam tries to stop her.
Could she be dreaming.


1. Rose coudnt take it anymore

Rose's POV

I was sat on my bed pulling my socks and shoes on ready to go. Then my dad shout
"Rose come downstairs please." I walked downstairs and my dad was standing there with a woman.

My dad calmly told me,"this is your mother"he said "she will be living with us now we're back together.

Then my dad walked into the kitchen and my mum went "hello Rose."

"Hi." I replied. All of a sudden i felt a sharp pain across my cheek. My mum had hit me. My dad walked in and saw her, she told him i was being cheeky to her but he knew i wouldn't.

This carried on for weeks and weeks. Then my dad sadly passed away. My mum was fine to me at the funeral and for a month after my dad passed away she stopped hitting me. Suddenly one day she started again. As i left the house or school i was rubbing my cheek(after my mum had just punched me in the jaw.

I was supposed to go for the bus. But i didnt. I went to the bridge in Durham where it had a really long drop.

I climbed on to the wall and sat drop my feet dangling above the water. I was about to jump but i heard a voice. I turned round and couldnt believe what i saw.


Liam's POV

Me and the lads were having a shopping day in Durham. Well the children who loved us were all at school, the adults were all at work and the others were at college. Well why not have a shopping day. We were walking across the bridge and saw a young teen crying. I was only sixteen at the time.
I went over to her and said "hello" i didn't want to say hi i wanted to sound nice and friendly.
She turned round and she had a shocked expression on her face. "Hi" she replied quietly.

"Come off there"I said not trying to sound bossy."you might fall."

"I dont care"she said "no-body does not even one direction"
"We do"me and the lads said "and we are one direction"
That is when she turned round and go off the bridge









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