fairy story

Brin' has never been ordinary. struggling to keep her head above ground balancing her normal teenage life with exams and school with being a body for hire in the fey world is never easy but preventing them from colliding has just got a lot harder.


2. so far so good


A shriek from my bag told me something was wrong. Although no fairy or otherwise was stupid enough to try to go for a fairy when they were this close to their protector I still panicked and swung my bag round ready to grab thimble and run. (I know running doesn't sound like a protector type of thing and a wimpy way out but no matter how much I tried to convince my parents they wouldn't allow me to take even the smallest of my daggers into school even when I promised not to stab any students or teachers that annoyed me and that if I needed to fight anything I would make sure I was off the school ground before I started fighting) I opened my bag to see thimble, slightly angry, staring at nightmare who was rolling about in the bottom of my bag in stitches of laughter.
"Nightmare, what the hell are you doing? You are, meant to be at home"
Nightmares grin faded and was replaced with an uncertain wide eyed frown. "But you know the school is my territory" his winey, grating voice hurt my ears. If he continued to whine like this I would get a headache, not what I needed with two exams today.
"you know why I had to bring him, nightmare, he is not safe he can't protect himself like you can"
 "Why do you think I can protect myself any more than he can, I'm as small as him and more breakable and at least he can turn into a green ball of rage if he is scared or angry" nightmare continued to moan about irrelevant topics concerning himself. 
"ok, ok you have made your point" I just wanted him to stop, whingeing both me and thimble where on edge as it was and with two exams today I really couldn't be done with nightmare complaining, with my stress levels sky rocketing. It was too much I needed help I couldn't take them into my exam and I needed someone to look after them. Only one person could do that an although he couldn't technique see them as long as nightmare agreed to look after Thimble an raise awareness if anything happened or was happening so he could react. That person was my brother the only one who didn't think I was mad and realized that fairies actually existed and no matter how awkward he felt looking after two creatures he couldn't see he would still try to protect them as well as I can (with seeing them) although not to go as far as giving his life for them. He was human through and through without any curses or 'gifts' with no worries or responsibilities that can take away your life and all you care and love in all worlds.
It all sounds very depressing doesn't it but there are up sides no matter how many down sides there are. It means in all worlds I have someone who will have my back (no matter how untrustworthy the fey are) and as their protector they will go to any lengths to please and gain your approval, from tidying up after you and keeping your bedroom tidy (very helpful brownies are) to making your school lessons very interesting (whether you want them to or not). But that depends on the type of fey there are some that feel they are above us, as they are human looking  but a  perfect version  and have an intelligence level to match. They will admit they need protection but that's as far as it goes they feel that they only need protection as they are a higher creature. In those cases I leave them on the doorstep they can find someone who feels lower than them but I won't stand for their bullshit. I'm the best there is and they know it.
 That probably makes me sound so big-headed but it is the truth. My reputation speaks for me. Its strange how two worlds so close together, can produce such spectral differences in preference to one person’s character? I suppose that's the way I like it really, although I'm a freak in one world I am a bodyguard for rent in the other. It may make me bipolar to many, I am still the same person whether in this world or the other. I'm getting off the point. Walking the two mile journey to and from school for anyone else would be uneventful and not dangerous in the slightest. Mine however, well I've been attacked, kidnapped, been witness to murder, and then blamed for that murder (but that's another story). So my life is completely uneven, a long series of problems and misfortune and of cause with adventure mixed in. Today was sure to go wrong somewhere along the lines, but so far so good (with exception of nightmare).
 The walk was dull, excluding the incessant whining of nightmare and squeaky mutterings of thimble. We got to school in record time without being kidnapped, maimed or fighting for our lives at all. It's a miracle. Although being the pessimistic paranoid person I am I knew the silence of the fey, was something more to be feared than welcomed.
But I had got to school. Unscathed. And no fey would attack an area as greatly occupied by as a school yard.

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