fairy story

Brin' has never been ordinary. struggling to keep her head above ground balancing her normal teenage life with exams and school with being a body for hire in the fey world is never easy but preventing them from colliding has just got a lot harder.


1. An ordinary day, ish

"Come on, let's go"

 Thimble leapt into my bag, why did I agree to this, he was going to be a nightmare well not as bad as Nightmare, he would be hell. But still, I hope he doesn't find out, Nightmare I mean, he really is a nightmare his name suites his character, Nightmare the nightmare is a nightmare.
The first time I met him and realized he had been haunting our house (now may be a good time to mention , you know the ghosts people supposedly here or speak to, well their not ghosts , trust me on this I have seen real ghosts and they are not pretty glowing things ,just imprints of souls stuck in their last emotion, a load of sour, regretful clouds maybe an arm or a leg sticking out and rarely a head but no clear or distinct features), He was mainly haunting my brother, the poor devil, ( my brother I mean) waking screaming. He had enough on his plate. Convincing Nightmare the nightmare to leave my brother was surprisingly easy, offering constant food and skittles, plus the advantage of being able to leave the house and to extend his terrorizing domain to my school.
 Anyway back to the tale, I was only agreeing to this because Thimble wasn't able to protect himself and he was in danger most of the Fay kind where well those that aided humans anyway and didn't chose to make all humans lives a living hell. We don't know what is hunting them only that they can travel to the Fay kingdom and can live in this world. This means they are either a changeling or at least partially fairy. And that is why I have to protect Thimble and any fay that come an ask for protection, that Is one of the main problems of being able to see the Fay it means you are eternally bound to protect the Fay kind no matter what species, that and the fact they seem to mostly chose those with the sight's friends and family’s lives to make hell. This is because people like me with the sight, Are or can be a threat. So with protecting my family and friends from the creatures that I am protecting trying to balance that with all the day to day troubles of a normal teenager, my life has hit the point where a normal life is impossible and with everything that’s going on with my Fay life. My two lives area no longer able to be separate to the extent they were before.
 I say human life but technique I'm not human, I'm not fairy either I'm a mystery to the fairy kingdom and to all doctors and scientists in the human world. If you go into technicalities I shouldn't exist, should be dead but instead I am walking and talking, semi intelligent average by human standards, and when in the Fay kingdom, average for a fairy looks and intelligence wise anyway but it's my powers that shouldn't exist they work both as strong in the human world and the Fay world I have the ability to replicate any creatures Fay or otherwise and then have their powers by just touching them I don't know how much my body can take but all I know is the more powers I take the stronger my human body is and the healthier I am and feel.

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