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1. Angel

Nervously I glanced into the small mirror, awkwardly brushing strands of blonde hair behind my ears. I quickly examined my outfit: Levi denim jeans, Beatles t-shirt and a chunky, green, cable-knit cardigan. I was stupidly anxious.

The train journey was long and painful. Hours of sipping coffee and flicking through Vogue - which didn't help the situation. I kept catching glimpses of myself in the reflection of the windows and each time I'd wonder the same thing. Am I really good enough?

After years of shuffling restlessly in my seat and touching up on my lip balm the monotonous voice from the train inter-com informed me that it was the end of the line. Jumping up, I hurried out into the grand station of London Victoria. People rushed around me, chatting violently, and for an instance I was caught up in the liveliness of it all. Then I remembered what lay ahead. I hauled my heavy duffel bag over my shoulder and barged past a group of Asian tourists. Finally I made it to the steep escalators that take you down to the underground and hopped onto one, shimmying myself to the right hand side to avoid being mown down by businessmen. I soon found the correct train, and shoved my way aboard. The tube was crowded, packed with a huge variety of people from chavvy teenagers to pregnant women. I didn't know which was more annoying at the time - the obscenities being shouted out, or the protruding bump that kept pushing me up against the doors.

However, eventually I arrived at Oxford Circus and was so relieved to resurface up to fresh air and sunlight. I immediately started to head towards my desired destination and the nerves attacked me with every step. Calming myself I turned a corner, desperately dodging the committed shoppers and kiosks selling cheap 'I <3 London' hoodies. I knew I was getting closer as I'd visited the shop many times before this ordeal and I was visibly shaking with each stride. Strutting over a busy road with manicured hands on my hips, I practised, remembering each detail the lady on Youtube had instructed. I turned another corner. I took a few more steps. And I was there.

Panicking I glimpsed up at the large neon signs that were plastered all over the grand building : 'The search for a new Angel has begun, enter online at www.angel/'.

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