Through music

"Guys will you all just shut up?" I screamed
"No!" Leah screamed
"why not?" i really wanted for them just to be quiet for like 1 second
"because we are flying in a private jet and heading to Glasgow for the EMA's!"
Anna was WAY to happy and soo was sophie
"Oh god this is gonna be a loooooong trip!" I whispered


1. YIPEE!!

Toni P.O.V


"MOM!!!!" I squealed of happiness and like was about to die

"What Toni?" My mum was tired and just came home from work 10 minutes ago.

"I-I just won!" Still very happy I was happy and jumping every where!

"what did you win dear?" I saw my mum was really tired and i was like very hyper!

"3 friends and I are going to the EMA's in Glasgow!" My mum's eyes went wide and huged me super tight!

"can-cant breath' i said choking 

"Sorry love .... anyway, you can only take 2 friends because i am coming!" As mum said that my jaw dropped

"MOM! i am 16 and i got an A+ report!" I moaned and went on my knee's

"Ugg Ok! my eye's lite up 

"i am taking Sophie,Leah and Anna!" I screamed and I already knew that.

"Toni,When are you leaving?" 

"hehe yeah, we are leaving tomorrow during school....." Hoping she would say ok she finally spoke after 2 minutes of thinking

"ok dear" mum spoke just like she is talking to an adult

"BUT MOM I am .....What?!?"

"yes,go pack your bags and call the gang also toni where are you gonna stay?" my mum looked worried

"they never said anywhere"

"Oh yes!, aunt Marua live's in Glasgow so you can stay with her!

"who is aunt Marua?" i never heard of her

"don't worry love just go pack!"

i went up fast and messaged the girls to phone me


[S=Sophie L=Leah A=Anna T=Toni

S: what up girl?

A: yep

L: I am all ears!

T: Girls pack your bags!

L: why?

A: yeah,why??




T: my mom already texted your mum's to say this and we are leaving at 12:00 tomorrow!

S: See you gals gotta go pack

L: me too

A: Me 3!

T: see you girlies

*NEXT DAY AT 12:00*

"It's time girls!" I said and also started fangirling Because Nicki Minaj is gonna be host the EMA"s

Intercome: Mrs Doris may these girls come down Toni,Anna,Leah and Sophie

"Yeah sure!" mrs Doris talked back and asked us "Why do we need to leave?"

"UMMM" leah hummed

"We are going to the EMA's!"

"SUCH LIARS!" the mean girl emma yelled

just ask the intercome bitch!

intercome: it is true Emma!

We all walked out and there was a limo outside and the bell just rang for break.

All the people came out and were staring at the limo

we walked in the limo and there was a video tape and we watched it there on it was THE ONE AND ONLY NICKI MINAJ!

Hey girls! you will arrive at Glasgow at 5:00 and when the day is here i am gonna meet you there and you guys are gonna have the honour of awarding best pop! see you later!

"DID SHE JUST SAY?!" Anna screamed into my ear

"1. dont scream in my ear 2.YAAS!

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