Through music

"Guys will you all just shut up?" I screamed
"No!" Leah screamed
"why not?" i really wanted for them just to be quiet for like 1 second
"because we are flying in a private jet and heading to Glasgow for the EMA's!"
Anna was WAY to happy and soo was sophie
"Oh god this is gonna be a loooooong trip!" I whispered


2. Characters!

Hey loves just wanna let you know who plays who so here are the characters 

[I chose these people cuz they look like us so]


                                                             Selena Gomez as    Toni

                                                             Taylor Swift as        Sophie

                                                             Ariana Grande as    Leah

                                                                 Katy perry as      Anna

                                                               One Direction as One direction

                                           [P.S having a contest for 1 person]

                                        i need 1 more person here to be in our gang (Sophie,Anna,Leah and Toni)

                                          So 1 more person if you wanna be that person

                                          you need these details!



                                        Why should I pick you?:


                                          THAT'S ALL FOR NOW BYE BYE :D




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