He Changed Everything {Luke Hemmings}

Two sister that look nothing alike what will happen when Cecilia meets Luke Hemming's will Cecilia change Luke the bad boy ? I don't know you find out


2. Morning and school and accidents

Cecilia's Pov

I wake up and get up and go in shower and do all that mumbo jumbo shower stuff I get out and wrap a towel around myself and walk out and I look outside my window and see Luke staring at me I roll my eyes and walk to my closet I grab my grey beanie , my black skinny jeans that are ripped at the knees and my undergarments and a black Nirvanna shirt I put those on let my hair hang low and grab my pack sack and my penny board and go down stairs walk out the house the same time as Dylan and Luke.

~~~~~Skip To School~~~~~

Cecilia's Pov

I see my friend Tyler i walk up to him and scare him he screamed and all I did was laugh we went to our lockers across from each other's but the thing is Luke's and his friend Ashton is beside me I get there before them and shove my penny board in there and walk away and bump into my sister Dylan she spilled her coffee on her self and I fall down and all I say is " Watch it " she screams I giggle and Luke helps me up " get off me freak " " fine demon " " Dumbass " i said under my breath "I know your new but don't try to act like that around me got that " he says angry " wow someone's trying to act tough around the new girl " his friends tease " SHUT THE FUCK UP!! " I giggle and get up I walk to Tyler we walk we'll more like slide to our class we take our seats in the back text and make stuff and throw them that says stuff about the teacher and throw them on her and blame them on other people

{{{{{{Skip To End Of Day}}}}}}

I go to my locker grab my penny board and Luke comes and pins me on my locker " what did I say stay out of my way " I smile and just dunk under his arm and and put my penny board on the ground and yelled while going " SHOW OFF!!!!! " then everyone said "BURN" or "SHE GOT YOU!!".

Luke's Pov

After she went off on her penny board I went to band practice at my house I heard Cecilia yelling and crying " DAD NO DONT PLEASE!!!!!!! " so I ran into my house and told my mom and we both walked over to her house and we knocked 6 or 10 times we opened the door to see Cecilia's dad laying on the ground with a gun in his hand bleeding we heard Cecilia upstairs so I ran up into her room she wasn't in there so I checked her bath room with a knife and she was about to cut herself so I carried her down stairs and grabbed all her stuff and her sisters and went into my house they had there own rooms and I heard Cecilia singing 'if I die young' she had a good voice so me and the boys went into her room without her noticing and when she was done we all clapped she looked up and said " why are you in here and why are you clapping " she said shyly but Harsh " because we heard you voice " she had wide eyes " and you think I sing good? " " no we think you sing wonderful " she smiled abit and then of course Ashton had to be a douche and say " You smiled! " she and us bursted out laughing said " yeah " still laughing " oh by the way I never got your names we'll I know two of yours but the others " " I'm Luke that's ashton but call him ash that's Michael call him Mikey that's Calum call him cal " she nodded and shoved all of us out of her room and the boys said once we got downstairs " Luke likes her!!!! " " fine I do like Cecilia " we heard a giggle and seem Dylan she ran upstairs into Cecilia's room I walked to her room and heard Cecilia say " I do abit too " I smiled and went down stairs.

Ashy's Pov

We seen Luke come down with a smile of course I had to yell " WHY ARE YOU SMILING !!!!" "

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