He Changed Everything {Luke Hemmings}

Two sister that look nothing alike what will happen when Cecilia meets Luke Hemming's will Cecilia change Luke the bad boy ? I don't know you find out


1. Intro

Hi I'm Cecilia Richards. My life sucks. I get physically and mentally abused by my dad and my mom works 24/7. I have 1 sister who hates me like my dad. Apparently were twins we'll not to me.

Me and Dylan look nothing alike

Dylan- Like pink girly popular sings horribly wears dresses and skirts and heels and is spoiled she's Regina slept with every boy exept Ashton , Calum , Michael and Luke the bad boy

Me aka Cecilia- Hate The Colour pink wears skinny jeans with rips and sweats wears band tops and I like Nirvanna blink182 and green day I sing play instruments and not girly I'm a tomboy and don't like boys and I'm the bad girl of the school we'll a girl version of Luke Hemming's lets just say that I do everything a boys does except jerking off..... Ok enough weirdness time to get to da fucking story oh and I'm friends with a few YouTubers.

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