Fear of losing you

''If I die out there, my last thought will be of your lips'' He said his eyes gazed at her lips and rolled up to her eyes. He put his arms around her waist and his head between her head and shoulder; 'I will love you all my life and when I die I will still love you through eternity and beyond'

(Finnick Odair one-shot)


3. Fear of losing you


She had this fear of losing him since the 74th Hunger Games. She woke up every night shaking and scared, but then she realized he was right beside her.  He woke up every night to comfort her, and she fell asleep in his arms again, but one night he couldn’t take it any longer.


‘I can’t take it anymore, you have to tell me what’s wrong….’  He asked, she laid her head to his chest to hear his heartbeat the one of the things that made her calm down. His heart, she through it’s still beating.... She looked up to him.


‘Ever since the game….’ She started but, somehow couldn’t finish she didn’t want to feel and seem weak. She had been known to be tough, strong and a smart girl, but somehow could he; Finnick Odair made her weak down to her knees. She loved him so much that she was afraid to let him out of her sight. Before she met him she made a promise to herself, she couldn’t keep; that she would never fall for someone or love a person so much that she does with him now. She did believe that anything could happen in the mad world and society they lived in. She didn’t want to get hurt.


‘What is it love?’ he asked her with a worried look. He loved and cared for her as much as she did with him. Her eyes were the first thing he fell for he could get lost in her eyes forever. He also used to say; ‘Thousands of stars couldn’t be compared to your eyes’. He never through he could care for a person this much she was his everything, she was his motivation when he had been out there in the arena, and when he was out there fought in the war.


‘Ever since the game I had been afraid of losing you’ she admitted she faced him she tried to keep her tears back, but she isn’t ‘strong’ when it came to him. She tried to fight it back, but a tear ran down her cheek. ‘I-I don’t know what to do with myself’ she continued. She through it sounded cliché, but it was true after the war had started she lost her family. They were nowhere to be found, she now lived in district 13 with Finnick.


He wrapped his arms around her waist and came closer so their foreheads met, and there was no space between them. He looked at her; ‘I love you…. I love you so much that it can’t be described with words’ he tightens his arms around her. He came closer so that their lips met. These lips, she through she was in paradise every time she touched his lips, they were soft and felt like home. They broke the kiss and looked at each other’s eyes, they laid there in silence for a while


They only heard the sound of their heartbeats; they both were wide awake and enjoyed each other! She knew Finnick had been busy with plans and revolution with Katniss Everdeen and the others, but every time he was out there in the war he never left her mind. She was afraid of losing him every single time. We will be leaving soon’ he said broke the silence. She sat straight up from the bed and stared down at him with a frightened face. She wasn’t part of the team, but she always knew their plans but not this one.



He tried to get her back to the bed, but she fought back. She didn’t know if she could get through this again. This fear she had wasn’t a little thing it was something that haunted her mind. She didn’t want to hold him back because he was a fighter, but what the girl didn’t know was he truly cared about her more than he cared about anything even his life. He was willing to offer his own life to save hers, but the girl has just yet learnt to love a person that much. Everything he did, he did it for her and her only.


‘Please just…….just lay down again’ he said he pulled her back down, she could feel he was worried and frightened. She was more scared than ever, there were a lot of questions in her mind; what is going to happen? What could happen? They faced each other again, he played with her hair and putted behind her ear. The girl was being quiet, she just looked at him and took his hand in hers.


‘If I die out there, my last thought will be of your lips'' He said his eyes gazed at her lips and rolled up to her eyes. He put his arms around her waist and his head between her head and shoulder; 'I will love you all my life and when I die I will still love you through eternity and beyond'. She didn’t say anything, what could she say? His words were real; she heard the emotions through every single word. She stayed quiet she wanted to say what she felt, but wasn’t good with words. No this girl showed her feelings through action, and that was one of the reasons why Finnick loved her. 


He remembered the first time; he said those words ‘I love you,’ and she had a hard time to say it back. He remembered a slight light of pink came on her face, and she stumbled through her words in the end she just crashed her lips into his.


He tightens his grip around her, so they got closer. He whispered sweet things in her ear that made her calmed down. He kissed her cheek and all the way down to her neck, it went on for a while. Time passed by and it was already four in the morning only some hours before finnick was going to meet the others. She felt his grip loosen a little ‘I am going for morning training, before we are leaving’ he said and tried to get up from the bed, but she took his hand and pulled him back down.

‘Can’t we just stay like this….’ She asked her voice was low. Maybe this would be the last time he will be beside her.


 ‘I love you’


Were the last words he said and the last words she ever heard from him…

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