How could an ordinary girl like me, be in a relationship with a famous cutie like him? How? It all started when I met my stepmom..


1. Stepmoms and Sons

My dad has been engaged to Karen Clifford for a year, they've been together for 3 years.. He met her 4 years after my mother passed away due to breast cancer.

They got married a few weeks ago, and we're going to move in with Karen, apparently she has a son which I haven't yet met.. I'll be meeting him later on today..

At about 11:30AM , dad tells me we're gonna be having lunch at Karen's house, just to have a little 'tour of her house' and meet her son.. I get up and get into the shower, after about 30 minutes.. I get out and put on a Nirvana t-shirt, black leggings with holes and my DMs.

I straighten my hair and curl it from the bottom, it looks good because I recently dip-dyed the tips blonde.. I put on some make-up, just some eyeliner, mascara and some gloss.

When I finish, I grab my black clutch bag, put in my baby lips and iPod in there because having music everywhere is something extremely necessary for me.

My dad was waiting downstairs.. "Okay Alison, you ready?" He asked me.. I nodded with a smile. We left the house and he drove us there.. Karen has a garage so we parked in there.. The garage is so huge that it's divided into 2 sections, the first section can fit up to 3 cars, the second section has many instruments and posters and I didn't understand why they were there but I was so curious because music is a big part of my life.

We got in and were greeted by Karen, she is so sweet, Karen introduced me to her son, Michael, who is now my step-brother! He had green hair and was wearing a Guns 'N' Roses t-shirt which automatically made me like him.. He asked me " I see you like Nirvana!?" I smile and tell him " are you kidding me? I adore them! I see you like Guns 'n' roses!" He smiles and nods, we get on very well! Karen shows dad around the house and suggests for Michael to show me around, that was totally okay with me. First room he showed me was his, he had a guitar in there, and many posters from some of my favourite bands.. He had a large flat screen TV, and a large MacBook Pro computer.. He kept showing mw many rooms, then we finally got to mine.. I was so excited to see it! When I walked in my jaw dropped, it was beautiful! The walls were painted black, the bed was a king size, I also had a flat screen TV, I had my own balcony, it was quite big.. I had an en suite and a small door which I didn't know leads to where .. I was curious and asked Michael.. He said there are stairs, they go down, it's a small room containing a single bed, a small TV and a laptop.. He said it's for when I need to just get some peace and quiet and relax and think and it was just perfect!

After the little 'tour' , we went downstairs to the dining room, Karen had made us an amazing lasagna and Michael and I just hit it off very well and I was very happy he's my new step brother.

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