The Slytherin That Never Was

On the night of the 31st of October 1979, in the hands of Albus Dumbledore is a baby orphan. The baby orphan girl, by the name of Hermione, left Dumbledore stumped. He couldn't just unceremoniously dump her in an orphanage, no.

As Hermione was a witch.

Her parents though, were by far not magical (their occupation was in fact dentistry). Now that their lives were taken by a car accident, it was up to Dumbledore on where he would place her.

But even the genius himself didn't realise what his decision could cost.


2. Muggle-Loving Blood Traitors



1991: First Year


Hermione's POV


     "Draco! Hurry up! We're going to miss the train!" I yell at my brother, Draco. King's Cross is packed with Muggles today. I had brushed past one on my way here. These clothes will be burnt as soon as possible. I can barely stand the filth of those non-magic folk.


    "Calm down Hermione! It's an obstacle course. These are new clothes, I can't get them dirty." Draco calls. I smile in response, for it is a valid excuse if I ever saw one.


    Finally, I reach the magic barrier that separates the Muggles from the wizarding world, but even that world is far from clean: Half-Breeds, Squibs, Blood Traitors, Mudbloods, the whole lot lie beyond it.


    The filth that the old bat Dumbledore lets into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is atrocious. Our father hoped that he would have been able to remove such filth from Hogwarts by the time that we went there, but sadly his efforts were to no avail.


     Because of the filth that is let into Hogwarts, father has been considering sending us to better, cleaner wizarding schools but out mother couldn't stand for Draco and I to be parted.


    She is such a wuss sometimes, honestly. Personally, I think I would be far happier at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, which is located in France, as the students tend to have much more dignity than those that grace the halls of Hogwarts. As for Draco, he would have suited Drumstrung just fine, as it appreciated the Dark Arts.


     A large group pushes past us and I pickup a snatch of their conversation, "Kings Cross  Station this is, it's packed with Muggles of course."


    I screech to an abrupt halt, almost slamming into a grubby looking Muggle. Just in time, I step out of the way and he shoots me a glare. How dare he! It was his fault anyway. I crane my neck in order to see above the throng of people and I try to locate the person that had spoken. The only large group that I can see is a family of about seven or so people. Every member of the family had bright red hair and rather shabby looking clothes. After a second, it clicks. The hair, the clothes... I know who these people are.


    "Weasleys." I smirk as I point them out to Draco. 


    "Aah, so we finally get to see those Blood Traitors that our father has told us about with our own eyes." In a burst of uncontrolled anger, he spits in their direction. "Come on then, let's go through the barrier before they do. I won't be able to stand their Muggle loving germs if I go through that wall after them. I'll have to be homeschooled!" Draco runs a hand through his pale blond hair before picking up his pace and heading towards the barrier.


    "Yeah, mother would just love that." I smirk, but start walking slightly faster just the same.


    "Draco looks back over his shoulder at me, "Hurry up! If you go any slower you'll be a Muggle!" He laughs loudly at me.


    "You take that back! As soon as I get onto that train I'm going to hex you into next year!" I say angrily. A Muggle! That's the worst insult possible. Worse than a Mudblood, or a Half-Breed or... Anything really. I push my trolley harder and struggle to catch up with him. 


    He will pay for that.


    Still laughing, Draco wheels his trolley towards the barrier, before breaking into a run and vanishing from sight. He has now entered the Platform Nine and Three-Quarters and has left the Muggle world behind. I continue to curse him under my breath and swear to get the better of him someday. Then, I sprint toward the barrier and the last thing of the Muggle world I see is the brick wall of King's Cross Station.





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