The Slytherin That Never Was

On the night of the 31st of October 1979, in the hands of Albus Dumbledore is a baby orphan. The baby orphan girl, by the name of Hermione, left Dumbledore stumped. He couldn't just unceremoniously dump her in an orphanage, no.

As Hermione was a witch.

Her parents though, were by far not magical (their occupation was in fact dentistry). Now that their lives were taken by a car accident, it was up to Dumbledore on where he would place her.

But even the genius himself didn't realise what his decision could cost.


4. Dimwitted Toad-Searching Fool



Hermione's POV


     Draco is so damn annoying! I mean, what makes him think he can call me a Muggle? I am a Malfoy, a member of one of the most important Pure Blood families there is! Scratch that, Malfoy's are the most important of the important Pure-Blood families in history. There isn't even a trace of non-magical blood running through my veins. My blood is completely pure of that non-magic filth! Him calling me a Muggle... That's offensive. Very offensive. It's like calling a Queen a commoner.


     Draco will suffer, that I can guarantee. 


     But, until that opportunity arises, I must simply put up with reading my spell books and imagining all the different ways that I can embarrass Draco.


     What seems like moments later, I hear a loud clattering in the corridor. I look up from my book- A Standard Book of Spells: Grade 1- and look at my watch. Despite being a Muggle item, it is amazingly effective for telling the time. A quater to twelve. Suddenly my stomach growls, a wrenching sound rather like a dying whale.


     I. Need. Food.


     The compartment door slides open and a smiling old lady pokes her head through. She has short brown hair which is speckled with grey. Her eyes crinkle at the edges, indicating a lifetime of smiling.


     "Anything off the trolley, dears?" she asked kindly.


     "Not if your filthy hands have touched it." Draco snarls, as he leads back against the compartment seat, arms locked behind his head.


     Set to agree with him, I open my mouth to form a sarcastic response. My stomach then decides to disagree. Damn. Reluctantly, I stand up and head over to the trolley. For a few seconds I stand there, trying to remember which ones of these frivolous sweets I actually like.


     I haven't bothered to eat any of these for years.


     "I'll have a Cauldron Cake, five Chocolate Frogs, four Pumpkin Pasties and a pack of Drooble's Best Blowing Gum please." I finally say. The lady smiles one of her massive smiles and hands the sweets over.


     "That'll be 5 Sickles and a Knut please." she says. I slowly hand over the currency, not wanting to part with this money for something as petty as sweets. The silver Sickles and bronze Knuts glint at me. They are not as important as gold Galleons, but I am still unwilling to let them go. Finally, I drop them into the lady's aged hand. She turns to leave, and as she slides the compartment door shut, she shoots Draco a withering look.


     True to form, he shoots one back.


     As I bite into a Cauldron Cake, I notice Draco staring incredulously at me.


     "What?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. "I'm hungry." I toss him a Chocolate Frog, then watch as it arks across the compartment. Right before it hits him in the face, Draco -reluctantly- grabs it. "Eat one."


     After a combination of about thirty minutes of boredom and the rot that Draco is telling Crabbe and Goyle, I am desperate for some entertainment. Between the three of them, they have demolished the food, so I can't even eat that. Just as I raise my wand, ready to hex Crabbe and Goyle into next week for the fun of it, entertainment arrives.


     'Entertainment' comes in a form of a round tearful looking boy.


     "Sorry." he stutters at the sight of us, "but have you seen my toad at all?"


     I look at him disdainfully, as he looks like a Muggle. Crying over a toad? It's a disgrace to the Wizarding World. People like him are the sorts of people Father has been trying to get out of Hogwarts. 


     How I wish he had succeeded. 


     I open my mouth and his eyes widen with hope. I allow myself a small inner chuckle at his naivety before snarling, "Do you think we care?" My voice sounds loud and harsh, even to me. I grin, excellent.


     "I'd watch out for her mate." Draco smirks. "She's already tried to blow my face off this morning."


     "Well, err. OK. But if you see him..." The boy trails off and looks at us imploringly.


     That is it. I've had enough.


     "Get out!" I yell motioning with my arms to help the dimwitted fool get the point.


     He leaves, stumbling over his own feet in his rush to get out of the door.


     I look at Draco for several seconds before we both burst out laughing.


     "What a moron!" Draco laughs.


     "Do you think he's a Squib?" I smirk.


     "If he isn't then he's definitely a Mudblood. I've never seen something so ridiculous in my life!" Draco's pale face has gone bright red with mirth, and I feel my own face doing the same.


     "Neither. Sorry, but have you seen a toad at all?" I mimic his quivering tone.


     "Uncanny Hermione," Draco laughs, "Uncanny."


     Draco and I are still laughing as my best friend -but a keen gossiper- Pansy Parkinson, runs into the compartment.


     "Hey Pansy." I said, as my laughter dies and the grin slides off my face. If Pansy sees me laughing, she'll spread it around like wildfire. In less than thirty minutes, the whole school will know and my reputation would be ruined before it even begun.


     That would not do.


     "Hey," she attempts a small wave before continuing, "Harry... Potter... On the train." she puffs, obviously exhausted from running a maximum of one hundred metres.


     "Really?" I ask curiously. I wink at Draco and he sends me a questioning look back. What an idiot. "Why don't we go give him a little visit?" 


     "Yes." he nods, finally getting it. "We have to make sure he doesn't get mixed up with the wrong crowd."




2/11/2014 : Hey there! This is my first authors note on Movellas, so yay! How have you liked 'The Slytherin That Never Was' so far? Any feedback -good or bad- is deeply appreciated :) And by the way, I have joined the NaNoWriMo 50K competition therefore I won't be updating as often, so sorry in advance. Though, my normal 3-4 day updating will continue when the competition finishes on the 1st of December. Wish me luck in the NaNoWriMo <3 see you in 1-2 weeks. 


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