See you tomorrow...H.S Fanfic.

And that's when I knew that my life was not over,it'd just begun. -Mistake
_____________________________________An unbelievingly twisted story of a girl named Mistake.The girl who yearned for love and thought she'd never gain any up until the day she was sat in the psychiatric unit of the Birmingham City Hospital when he spoke those enticing words "Hello Mistake,I'm Harry,your new psychologist."
Rated 16+ for graphical and sexual content.This may be disturbing for some readers so don't say I didn't warn you.Copyrighted at SoBabez™.For all writing enquires just mumble on my account.


1. Prologue

All I ever wanted to be was loved,loved for who I am,or was shall I say.

I didn't mean to pull the trigger,it wasn't me.It was merely a stupid action of my body,but not my state of mind.The voices control me and they made me do it.

As the gunshot went off I had no other chance but to run,run into the street yet to make another stupid mistake.However this time it wasn't stupid it was acceptable.When I felt pain course through my veins I knew I'd be soon coming home to the skies above and whatever they led me to next.I was finally happy for those 10 minutes that I though I was actually gone,dead.

Just like the man I'd just killed.

I seemed at peace until I heard sirens,ambulance sirens and then I was placed on a gurney ready to be taken into the back of an ambulance.Why couldn't everyone just let me there to die?For once I felt like kicking and screaming at the paramedics telling them to stop as they tried to save me but as I tried nothing happened all I could do was listen.I couldn't move.I couldn't talk.


And that's when I knew that my life was not over,it'd just fucking begun.

What do you babez think of my first movella? -Sophia 💁

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