||Locked In|| ||L.H||

Locked in a school. No where to go. No one to trust. A murderer on the loose. Will Luke's and Krystal's hate turn into love? What will they do to survive? Or will they betray each other in the end? After all not every story ends with a happy ending.

**Most chapters will contain adult content. 16+. You've been warned.**


1. •Chapter One• ||16+||


Pain filled my body as Luke Hemmings slams my body into the wall. "meet me at the usual place" he says walking off. If you're wondering me and Luke are the baddest couple in school. I was the schools heartbreaker girl and he was the heartbreaker boy and now that were together, everything's been perfect. Except he can get really bad at times. He's hurt me before in unacceptable ways yet in the end I know I can't let him go so I forgive him.

**Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring**

(School Bell)

I walk over to the right wing of the school where all the classrooms are empty and wait for Luke. "Hey baby girl. So I was wondering we've been together since '09. When are you gonna give it up to me?" He asks and winks at me. I sat on his lap and whisper in his ear "why not right here right now baby boy? I know you want me. I can feel you rock hard under me right now. I know you wanna hear me scream your name in pleasure Luke"

He smirks and throw me on the desk and starts kissing my neck. In the next two minutes he managed to rip off all my clothes and his. "L-luke. "Ooh baby f-faster" I moaned. "Not until you scream my name" he winks and goes backto working on my clit. Working his fingers and sucking hard. "Luke baby" I moaned. "Scream my name baby. All you gotta do and I'll give you everything" he says. "L-LUKE FASTER BABY" I moaned loudly. And like he said he gave me what I wished for. He adds his third finger inside of me, using his thumb rubbing my clit and his tongue flicking my clit. The pleasure is indescribable. "LUKE baby I need you right now." I moaned as my highs just end. He goes back up kissing my lips and with one hand takes his dick and rubs it into my pussy over and over again as I got even wetter. "Luke baby stop teasing me and go baby" I moaned pulling his hair. He moans and rubs again and out of nowhere rams into me. We both moaned. "Baby your so tight" he moans. I pull his hair lightly as he goes faster and harder. The pleasure better than anything else. I take my hand and pleasure myself as he thrusts in and out. We got our highs when he took out his dick and roughly flipped me over so I was on my knees. He took his belt and cuffed my hand around the desk legs. "Kinky aren't you?" I smirked. "Keep talking and you'll get it rougher baby" he says. "I like it rough" I once again smirked. He sticks my ass up and spanks me. He pulls my hair towards him and kisses me and rams in huge dick into my ass giving me all the pleasure I need. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck Luke. LUKE. faster baby" I moaned over and over again. He spanks my ass again as he thrusts faster into my ass. We finally reach our highs and he untied the belt and throw me on the desk again. He climbs on top of me staring at my boobs hungrily. He sucks on my nipples making them hard and massages them with his hand. "L-Luke" I moaned. Once he stops I got up and got down on my knees. I take my hands and wrap it around his dick giving him a blowjob. He pulls my hair and makes me go further in making me gag over and over again. "K-Krystal faster babe" he moans and I go even faster. Once he released we got dressed and I looked into the mirror to check my reflection. He comes up behind me and grinds into me. Feeling his dick still hard. "Still horny and hard. Aren't you naughty?" I ask leaning my ass further into his rock hard dick. "I guess we can go for a second round. Wouldn't want anybody to see your boner" I whisper in his ear. "I need you Krystal. NOW. Your going to ride me this time." He growls into my ear. He lays on the desk and I get in top. Our clothes were gone by now scattered everywhere. I take his dick in my hands and rub it on my clit. "You're so wet babe" he moans. Seeing me only teasing him, in a fast movement he takes his dick as rams it straight into me and force me to ride him. He hungrily grabs for my boobs and massages them and pinch them. Me getting tired he spanks me and holds my waist and push me further into him. We reach our high and I gave him another blowjob for him to be satisfied. We got dressed and lunch hasn't end yet. "Hey wanna grab mcdonalds for lunch?" I ask him. "Sure. We'll take your car. Go out first. I'll meet you at the car. " he says. I nod and walk out to my car. My mind wandering somewhere I remember what just barely happened 5 mins ago. Since my car windows were tinted and I was horny af. I move my hands down to my clit pleasuring myself and I get so caught up in it I didn't even realized Luke just got in. "Horny still babe?" He moans. "When you fuck me like that I'll always be horny." I says as he smirks. "Why don't you drive? I gotchu." He smirks again. Uhm okay? I nod and start the car. When I started driving luke take some of his hand and pleasures me himself. "Wait stop real quick babe" he says. I stop and he gets out of the car and walks over to my side. He rolls my seat all the way back but I can still see the road and hit the brakes etc. He gets in, where he is now between my legs and under he driver wheel. (He's between Krystal's legs and under the driving wheel or whatever it's called. Sorry it's confusing. Please bare with me.) "Luke! What are you doing?!" I ask. "Shh. Just drive baby girl" he says and pulls my pants and underwear down. He takes his hoodies and place it over his head which is hovering over me bottom area. Ohh. But this is fucking illegal. I drive a SUV so there's a lot if space. No wonder he fits. He spreads my legs a bit and and starts sucking my pussy and fingering me. Ohh. This is what he's doing. "L-Luke. I won't be able to drive" I moaned. He goes even harder and faster. It's hard for me I drive. This guy is crazy. I reach orgasm and he cleans me up. We finally get to mcdonalds and order something. We it back to school just in time for the next period which for both of us is DANCE ! It's my favorite. I love to dance, ever since I was 5.

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